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Sierra Leone

Start date 
September 2011

3 people, including 3 expats

Work areas
Freetown area in 2012

Improve the quality of care in health centers in Freetown and support Sierra Leonean organizations.





Launch date of the program
December 2006

13 people in total between Antsiranana and Antananarivo based
2 expatriates

Location: Sambava and Antsiranana, Antananarivo, Morondava. 4 sites in prescribing ARV
44 treatment sites cahrge mothers and children

Access to care: end 2007
Nearly 190 patients with HIV / AIDS followed.

Nearly 300 personal care

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Solthis' program closed in:
October 2010 

Intervention areas approached
Region of Gitega region N'Gozi

Three people were based in Bujumbura

Support for decentralization of the medical management of HIV / AIDS

> Solthis' program in Burundi


Launch date of the program
December 2004

11 people in total,
3 expatriates

Location: Niamey, Zinder
Specific missions in support of Maradi, Dosso, Galmi, Diffa, Tahoua and Tera. 13 sites in prescribing ARVs (including 5 in Niamey) 16 sites of care mothers and children

Access to care: end 2007
Nearly 1,500 patients including 80 children on ART

Training: Approximately 150 e-trained doctors prescribing ARVs and nearly 500 people of health.

> All Solthis program in Niger

Guinea Conakry

Launch date of the program
January 2008

Team planned
11 people in total planned
including 3 expatriates

Bearing zone Solthis
Regions of Conakry, by summer 2008: Boke

More than 60 sites targeted for support Solthis (CEP sites, PMTCT sites and laboratories)

Nearly 500 personal care targeted.

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Launch date of the program
December 2003

Team: 7 people

Bearing zones Solthis
Bamako, Ségou Region
15 sites in prescribing ARV
28 sites to support mothers of children

Access to care: end 2007
Nearly 1000 patients on ART, followed 83 children, including 52 ARV

150 people of health (medical and paramedical) trained since January 2004

> All Solthis program in Mali

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  • Madasgascar

  • Burundi

  • Niger

  • Guinea Conakry

  • Mali


Solthis is looking for a Pediatric Care Manager in Sierra Leone


Solthis is an international medical association dedicated to patients living with HIV / AIDS in developing countries. Solthis aims to help strengthen health systems in which it operates to enable them to provide medical care quality, accessible and sustainable for all those affected by HIV / AIDS.


Under the supervision of Solthis Head of Mission, the Pediatric Care Manager will be assigned to provide capacity building to health care workers (HCW) and authorities involved in pediatric HIV  for counseling, testing, diagnosis, prophylaxis, treatment and care in order to improve their ability to care, treat and follow up HIV exposed and infected children. In addition, he/she will continue to support the implementation of Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT), with the aim of strengthening maternal and child HIV/AIDS health services within hospital and clinic settings.



Three parlimantarians defend ODA after a mission on child health in Niger

Back from from a trip to Niger on child health, they could see the usefulness of the Official Development Assistance (ODA) including health aid and all the risks in cutting funding for this assistance. They have during their trip, visited  the pediatric ward of the National Hospital of Niamey and the Integrated Health Centre Madina, both supported by Solthis, and have noted the importance of HIV testing and  Mother to Child HIV prvevention programs (PMTCT).


While the President of the French Republic will be in Côte d'Ivoire tomorrow July 17 and July 18 in Niger, these parliamentarians from different political persuasions, have co-signed a Tribune entitled "In Niger, health as a rampart to social fragility" published today in the newspaper La Croix .  ODA's budgets should not be an adjustment variable.


Download this Tribune in French published  in La Croix


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