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Technical assistance for the coordination of the operational plan for HIV viral load



In Guinea, the number of people living with HIV (PLHIV) receiving antiretroviral (ARV) treatment was 50,664 patients as at 30/06/19 and is to be increased to 60,019 by 31/12/20. In addition, there is an uneven distribution of the supply of viral load measurement and early HIV testing services with an estimated low coverage of 31% as at 31/12/2018.  It is in this context that the National Programme for the Fight against HIV/AIDS (PNLSH) has requested the technical support of Solthis, in the continuity of the OPP-ERA project, for the coordination of the development of an operational plan aimed at improving access to viral load measurement and the implementation of early HIV testing activities. 


Duration 01/12/19 – 31/12/20 
Source of funding PNLSH (via Global Fund)
Beneficiary PLNSH  
Budget 231 132 US$ 
Country Guinea


General objective

To contribute to the implementation of the operational plan to promote viral load testing for patients on ARV treatment in the context of achieving the global objectives: the 3rd 90.


Specific objectives

  • Support for the steering of the operational plan that stems from the national strategy for scaling up viral load 2019-22, monitoring of activities related to the 3rd 90 and support for the coordination of the network of actors involved in viral load activities
  • Strengthen collaboration with the national laboratory directorate and the reactivation of the national laboratory network and its integration at the sub-regional level
  • Support for the management of laboratory inputs, particularly viral load, for all types of platforms (OPP, closed platform, POC) 
  • Support to health care teams on the prescription of viral load tests, analysis and interpretation of results and improvement of patient management through training and tutoring.

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