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Technical assistance for the drafting of the funding request to the Global Fund for the fight against tuberculosis in Madagascar



Within the framework of the Global Fund’s new funding model (NMF3), Initiative 5% – through its Expertise Channel – has requested the technical support of Solthis for the drafting of the funding request for the fight against tuberculosis in Madagascar. This technical assistant will provide support and reinforcement to the National Technical Group for Tuberculosis.


Start date: March 2020

Duration: 7 months

Area of intervention: Madagascar

Budget: €27,233

Origin of funding: Canal Expertise, 5% Initiative

Beneficiary: Direction de la Lutte contre les Maladies Transmissibles / Ministère de la Santé



To strengthen the National Technical Group – GTN-TB in the drafting of the grant application within the framework of the NMF3 to the Global Fund.


Specific objectives

  • To support the GTN-TB and the CCM in the drafting of the grant application by facilitating the participation of all the national stakeholders as well as the technical and financial partners in the choice of strategies and interventions in the fight against tuberculosis
  • Support the NTF-BT and the CCM in the various stages of the grant proposal development and writing process, from submission of documents, submission to response to TRP (Technical Review Panel) comments after the review results.


Planned activities

  • Support to (i) the analysis of the results of the studies/surveys in order to define the activities to be included in the proposal, (ii) the analysis of the different documents (PDSS, PSN, PSE, concept note, report, renewal application document, …)
  • Organisation of a workshop (i) to identify the programmatic and financial GAPs, (ii) to discuss the definition of priorities (intervention area, target, priority activities, ……)
  • Analysis and inclusion of PSM system assessment data in the proposal
  • Estimation and quantification of TB health inputs
  • Development of the procurement and stock management plan

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