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Solthis will be at ICASA 2017 !

23 November 2017


The 19th edition of ICASA (International Conference on AIDS and STIs in Africa) will be held from December 4th to 9th 2017 in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. On this occasion, Solthis will share its knowledge and experience especially on the topic of making viral load tests accessible in the framework of the "OPP-ERA" project, a project funded by Unitaid and led by Solthis, lead partner of the OPP-ERA consortium comprising ANRS, Expertise France and Sidaction. Apart from the OPP-ERA project, other... Read more

With TB-SPEED, Solthis joins the fight to tackle tuberculosis!

20 October 2017


In September, the "TB-SPEED" project was launched by Université de Bordeaux, lead partner and coordinator of the project. Among a consortium made up of 8 institutions, Solthis is responsible for the implementation of the project in Sierra Leone. The objective of the project is to reduce childhood tuberculosis mortality by improving TB screening in children under 5 years old, including those who are HIV-positive and suffering from severe pneumonia, a demographic among which tuberculosis... Read more

Guinea: operational research training to improve HIV care

9 August 2017


With grants from the Global Fund's governmental session allocated to Guinea to fight HIV for the period of 2015/2017, Solthis, chosen as the sub-recipient of this grant by the grant's main recipient the CNLS (National Committee for the Fight Against AIDS in Guinea), has been implementing activities which aim to improve care management of PLHIV (People Living with HIV) in Guinea. A training session on operational research was recently held by Solthis in Conakry, from July 10th to 28th. This... Read more

Solthis supports 12 health facilities in Sierra Leone

8 August 2017


Thanks to our "Empower" project in Sierra Leone, 39 NETHIPS (Network of HIV positives in Sierra Leone) community volunteers were recently taken through an orientation of the “defaulter tracing program”, a program implemented by NETHIPS and funded by the Global Fund. Within the "Empower" project, Solthis gives its support to this program in 12 health facilities in order to strengthen patient retention in HIV care and treatment. Thanks to the active mobilization of the civil society, this... Read more

Guinea – Hospital hygiene: 78 health workers trained and WASH rehabilitation works carried out

10 July 2017


Training session on hand-washing at N’zérékoré regional

aunched in Guinea in August 2016, the second phase of "TWIN 2H" aims to contribute to sustainable reconstruction of health systems' capacities in the field of Infection Prevention and Control (PCI) and hospital hygiene, in order to find solutions to the challenges we face in the wake of the Ebola outbreak that shook Guinea in 2014 and 2015. Partner of the project, Solthis organized several training sessions for the 2 hospitals supported by the project in Guinea (Guinée forestière), where... Read more

Feedback on Salesforce World Tour – Paris

16 June 2017

Watch the closing session full video on  the strength of thinking and acting differently Alongside the sailor, Eric Bellion and the researcher, Patrizia Paterlini-Bréchot, Louis Pizarro, intervened on the theme "modern adventures, modern values" during the round-table debate hosted by the journalist David Abiker : an occasion to explore the question of Innovation, ability to act differently and difficulties to overcome to make a difference. Louis Pizarro intervened under Solthis... Read more

Niger : Donation of medical equipment to Niamey and Say prisons

15 June 2017


Solthis Niger

As part of the project "Improving inmates'living conditions in Niger",  Solthis team in Niger donated medical equipment to Niamey Prison's medical service, with its local partner the Nigerian Association for the Protection of Human Rights (ANDDH). Made up of of hospital beds, mattresses, stretchers and soccer balls, this equipment aims at improving Niamey and Say prisoners' living conditions and mainly their medical care . On Wednesday 31st of May, the team carried out another donation of... Read more

Training sessions of OPP-ERA project's 4 countries of intervention medical officers, supply experts and logisticians

22 May 2017


From Monday 15th to Friday 19th of May, training sessions of OPP-ERA project's Medical Officers, Procurement Experts and Logisticians in Burundi, Côte d'Ivoire, Cameroon and Guinea took place at Solthis headquarters. Organized by Solthis, leader of the consortium for the implementation of OPP-ERA, the training was organized in two sessions.   The training for Supply and Logistics Experts focused on  reagents supply chain and viral load testing supplies in  OPP-ERA laboratories.... Read more

Solthis – Niger: 29 health workers of the Epidemiological Surveillance Unit (CSE) trained at PLHIV care's data management software

11 May 2017


The sessions organized by Solthis allowed to train 29 staff from 29 prescribing sites (national and regional hospitals, district and maternal health centers) at the use of  two HIV data management softwares: FUCHIA, the national software for PLHIV data management and Fugen (Fuchia Generator), a complementary software provided by Solthis to facilitate the development of monthly reports. Indeed, Fugen automatically generates monthly reports from databases under Fuchia. Note that 14 sites out the... Read more

Solthis-Guinea : ANRS 12344 -DIAVINA project’s official launch

10 May 2017


  For the launcing activities of  ANRS 12344-DIAVINA ("Diagnostic Virologique et Initiation à la Naissance"), a project that aims at improving HIV/AIDS prevention and diagnosis at birth among newborns whose mother were not diagnosed during the pregnancy period, Solthis team in Guinea organized a workshop and a scientific conference on 24th and 25th of  April. The two days were hosted by Dr. Roland TUBIANA (infectious disease physician at Hôpital de la Pitié-Salpêtrière and... Read more

Conakry : 50 HIV health-care workers trained on the usefulness and interpretation of viral load tests' results

7 April 2017


    From the 21-22 & 23-24th of March 2017, Solthis team in Guinea organized in partnership with the National Program for Health Care and Prevention of STIs / HIV / AIDS (PNPSCP), two training sessions for 50 HIV care actors (Doctors, nurses, biologists, pharmacists and psychosocial agents) on the usefulness and interpretation of viral load tests’ results. The training sessions were organized under the OPP-ERA project-phase 2 funded by UNITAID and implemented by a... Read more

Niger and Mali – Training of 50 young peer-educators, essentiel relays for adolescents on sexual and reproductive health rights

5 April 2017 |  ,


  On the 31st of March, 2017, ended two training sessions (in Niamey and Bamako) of young adolescents chosen as peer-educators under JADES project, "pilot intervention to promote sexual health among adolescents to reduce HIV / AIDS-related new infections and mortality" funded by the 5% Initiative. Solthis organized these trainings in collaboration with JADES partners, the NGOs “Equilibres et Populations” and Lafia Matassa in Niger, ASDAP and Walé in Mali. Fifty young... Read more


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