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Ebola crisis : continuity of care at risk

19 November 2014


Alarming Ebola spread: more than 5000 deaths and almost 9000 contaminated people since March 2014. WHO predicts between 5000 and 10 000 new Ebola cases per week by December 2014. While the Ebola virus outbreak spreads in West Africa, where Solthis has operated for more than 10 years, we draw the attention of the international community to the catastrophic consequences of this crisis on health systems. Access to care and continuity of treatment for other pathologies are in serious threat.... Read more

Solthis is in partnership with CFI for the project “Radios against Ebola”

7 November 2014


This project allows to set up 48 local radios in West Africa in order to carry out Ebola prevention campaign in Senegal, Mali, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso and Benin. Please find more information below (in French)   Des radios contre Ebola intègre un programme complet de formation accélérée de journalistes radio à la conception d’émissions d’information, de prévention et d’aide au changement de comportement impliquant des référents scientifiques, traditionnels et... Read more

CASSIS project : HIV positive patients testing, management and monitoring started in 9 new health centres in Guinea!

18 September 2014


CASSIS project’s main objective in Niger and Guinea is to strengthen national health actors’ capacities in order to improve access to treatment and health information system in terms of HIV/AIDS patient management. Within the framework of access to healthcare, the objective is twofold: improving geographical access to treatment by decentralizing patient care management in new centres located in region; and improving patient management quality by strengthening medical and paramedical... Read more

OPP-ERA project: 800 viral loads already achieved in Guinea!

18 September 2014


Improving the monitoring of people living with HIV and management of therapeutic failures The use of the HIV Viral Load Test (VLT) is necessary to ensure prescription of the most suitable treatment. Because of its high cost, access to this test is still under-developed in West African public structures. The launch of OPP-ERA project aims at opening the market for viral load tests to the competitive marketplace, thereby combatting overpricing and encouraging technological innovations by... Read more

Three parlimantarians defend ODA after a mission on child health in Niger

14 July 2014


Back from from a trip to Niger on child health, they could see the usefulness of the Official Development Assistance (ODA) including health aid and all the risks in cutting funding for this assistance. They have during their trip, visited  the pediatric ward of the National Hospital of Niamey and the Integrated Health Centre Madina, both supported by Solthis, and have noted the importance of HIV testing and  Mother to Child HIV prvevention programs (PMTCT). While the President of the... Read more

Parliamentary study tour

28 June 2014


In partnership with Global Health Advocates France, Solthis co-organised a trip to Niger focused on child health to sensitise 3 French MPs (2 National Assembly delegates and 1 senator) on the progress that Ocial Development Assistance makes in terms of public health in the Global South – in light of France’s current tendency of reducing its aid budget. Following the trip, an opinion piece was published in La Croix on 16/07/14 on the eve of the President’s trip to Niger as a reminder of... Read more



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