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COVID-19 pandemic: Solthis calls for the mobilization of financial and technical actors for sub-Saharan Africa

31 March 2020

Contributing to the prevention, diagnosis and management of cases of COVID19, to the protection of health professionals and to promote the continuity of access to essential healthcare services: Solthis wishes to carry out these actions, but will not be able to do so without the support of the international community Paris- march 31, 2020  - The Covid-19 pandemic is upsetting the global, health, economic, political and social balance. "Health systems are destabilized everywhere; we don't yet... Read more

For the fight against AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria, ALL funding must be maintained!

16 September 2016 |  ,


You can read this Op-ED in French on the HUFFINGTON POST  This Op-Ed was been published on september 15 2016, by Action Santé Mondiale, Equilibres & Populations, Oxfam France, Sidaction et Solthis, on the eve of the opening in Montreal of the Global Fund to Fight against AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria 5th replenishment conference Read more

15 years to advance global health, this is the moment of truth!

25 September 2015

Today Friday, September 25 opens in New York the UN summit on sustainable development and post-2015 agenda. Solthis and other members from the "Collectif Santé 2015" calls in an article published today, France to take its responsibility and act to be worthy of the ambitions for global development in the next 15 years, particularly on global health issues. Read more

Collectif Santé 2015 launch: act togheter to ensure that global health remains a priority of French ODA

10 June 2015


In 2014, and for the 4th running year, the French ODA has still decreased to its lowest level in 13 years at 0.36 % of the gross national income. This decline in investments in health directly impact on the access to quality care for the most vulnerable populations. Given this situation NGOs have decided to react ! The Collectif #Santé2015 gathers international solidarity associations: Action against Hunger, Equipop, Global Health Advocates, Médecins du Monde, Oxfam, the Planning... Read more

Hepatitis C: associations welcome the decision of the Indian Patent Office to reject one fo the patent applications made by Gilead on Sofosbuvir

21 January 2015


Please find below the Presse release of associations on Hepatitis C: associations welcome the decision of the Indian Patent Office (Paris, le 21 janvier 2015) En plein débat sur le coût des nouveaux traitements contre l’Hépatite, l’office indien des brevets a rejeté mardi 13 janvier une des demandes de brevet formulées par Gilead sur le sofosbuvir. Les associations se félicitent de cette décision, qui contribue à une amélioration de l’accès aux traitements pour de nombreux... Read more

Universal access to care : 220 signatories of the open Letter against the “blue-ribbon Task Force initiative” of the Global Fund, the GF ED’s answer and critical analysis of the Equitable Access Initiative proposa

16 May 2014


Solthis has signed this letter from 220 non-governmental organizations from around the globe opposing the proposed Blue-Ribbon Task Force to Develop a Global Framework on Tiered-Pricing.This letter urges the Global Fund and proposed partners to: a) Abandon the blue-ribbon Task Force and tiered pricing initiative in light of the evidence of the ineffectiveness of tiered pricing and the broad concerns voiced by public health experts, civil society, and increasingly, governments. b) Join... Read more

The Robin Hood tax on financial transactions

16 November 2012


The Robin Hood tax is a tax on global finance that could generate hige amounts of revenue to fight against poverty, against climate change, against diseases that kills millions of people every year. This tax of at least 0.05% on financial transactions could raise between 6 and 10 billion Euros every year in France. The 22nd of June 2011, Solthis participated in a citizens’ demonstration to protest against the waiting game played by the G20 in regards to speculation. To follow this... Read more

Social protection in the field of health in developping countries – Study

1 August 2012


Solthis conducted a study in the Coordination Sud's health commission about the share of official developpement assistance allocated to social protection in the field of health in developping countries between 2000 and 2011. Results were presented on 8th september 2011 during a workshop organized in Coordination Sud in presence of the French Development Agency and the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs. Read more

Call for access to hepatitis C diagnostics, treatment and care for all

27 July 2012 |  ,


Over the last decade, HIV drug prices have dropped dramatically, and access to antiretroviral therapy has significantly increased. It is time to apply the lessons from HIV/AIDS to hepatitis C virus (HCV). An estimated 170 million people have chronic hepatitis C. At least 350,000 of them die from it each year although it is curable. Access to prevention tools, diagnostics, and treatment remains extremely limited, particularly for people who inject drugs, a group disproportionately affected by... Read more

Mobilization against free trade agreements (ACTA) between European Union and India

16 July 2012


As one of the most important generic drug producers, India became the main "pharmacy" of developping countries. Generics represent 80% of treatments purchased by international donors in 115 low and middle income countries. Since 2007, European Union and India negociate bilateral free trade agreements which reinforce intellectual property rights and undermine access to cheap health products, such as vaccines or essential medicines. Solthis and several associations mobilized in 2011 demanded to... Read more

Hands off our medicines !

8 February 2012 |  , , ,


MSF launched the campaign "EUROPE! KEY NOT OUR MEDICINES ". Right now, eight people living with HIV are treated with about 10 generic drugs from India and available at affordable prices. However, current European policies might challenge these workings, preventing millions of people in poor countries access to medicines. Solthis joined the MSF approach that aims to ask the European Commission to stop: to pursue free trade agreements that limit the production of affordable generic... Read more

Human resources crisis in health

16 January 2010


According to WHO, almost one million health professionals in Africa fail. Shortages, diagnosed for years with the alarm has been drawn in 2006 by WHO. Despite the known treatments: delegating tasks, invest in training, upgrade health workers; no therapy seems really followed. Added to this the finding of a lack of funding and political will to act in this field. How to better understand this problem? That's the question that sought to answer Solthis conducting a literature review illustrated by... Read more




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