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From 8 November 2020 to 11 November 2020



afravih 2020

Note: Due to the global Coronavirus epidemic context, the AFRAVIH conference is postponed from 8 to 11 November in Dakar

Dakar will host from 19 to 22 April 2020 the 10th International Francophone Conference on HIV, Hepatitis and Sexual Health organized by AFRAVIH. Dakar will bring together for the second time, all Francophone actors involved in the fight against HIV and viral hepatitis in Africa.

The place of HIV and its comorbidities, including tuberculosis, and hepatitis, as well as their links with efficient health systems and comprehensive health approaches will be at the heart of our exchanges. The strategic and operational vision of AFRAVIH 2020 will be that of strengthened mobilization for more fair and effective health policies (more info on

The Solthis teams will attend the conference to present the results of our projects and participate in the many exchanges that will take place throughout these 4 days.


HIV self-testing

  • 1 Symposium on the “Introduction and deployment of HIV self-testing in West Africa” – ATLAS project
  • 1 stand with documents and round tables on HIV self-tests
  • 1 Mini-reading on HIV self-testing by Guillaume Breton, the Scientific Director of Solthis
  • 3 posters by the ATLAS HIV self-testing project in Côte d’Ivoire, Mali and Senegal on :
    • Is the manufacturer’s instruction manual enough in a multilingual and low-literacy context? The example of HIV self-testing in West Africa
    • Taking into account the economic dimension to think about different modes of dispensing HIV self-testing for index cases: case study in Mali
    • Peer educators’ concern about providing HIV self-testing, ATLAS project


The viral load

  • 1 oral communication on viral load and clinical management which includes 2 abstracts from the OPP-ERA project on access to and use of viral load.
  • Information and documents on the ATLAS stand on the two resources from the OPP-ERA project: an online HIV viral load toolkit with 90 tools that can be downloaded free and 1 viral load operationalisation guide with more than 60 feedback and recommendations resulting from the OPP-ERA project.


HIV Pregnant/Pediatric Women

  • 1 commented poster on HIV testing of mothers in the delivery room, early infant diagnosis and ARV treatment at birth – from the results of the ANRS12344 Diavina project in Guinea.


HIV Care – Quality of Care

  • 2 posters from the Empower project “Empowerment of users for quality HIV care” in Sierra Leone:
    Impact of Providing Mobile Phones for Communication between Health Workers and People Living with HIV (PLHIV) in Sierra Leone.
  • A Pragmatic Approach to Building Health Workers’ Capacity for Quality Care (PEC) in favor People Living with HIV (PLHIV): SOLTHIS Model in Sierra Leone

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