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Head Office Transversal Team

Executive Direction

Dr Serge BREYSSE, Chief Executive Officer. Medical doctor with a degree in Public Health, Serge was the Director of the GloPID-R Secretariat, an alliance to bring together research funding organizations on a global scale to facilitate an effective and rapid research response for outbreak of emerging infectious disease with pandemic potential. He worked for more than 20 years in international solidarity organizations, particularly in Africa and Asia. He has created, developed and directed, within Action Contre la Faim, an innovative department combining advocacy, expertise and research. Serge Breysse has also been involved for more than 30 years in associative activities in France and abroad. He has participated in numerous scientific and more global publications. He has also been intervening in academic courses on international aid, global health and hunger issues.

Operations Department

Sylvaine Lempereur, Director of Operations.She is a graduate of CERDI’s Magistère in Economic Development and holds a Master’s degree in Development Project Analysis. She has around ten years’ experience in the design and management of multi-sector projects in humanitarian and development contexts. Before joining Solthis in Paris in 2023, Sylvaine worked for international NGOs in various fields (Cameroon/Mali/Mauritania/Niger) and in regional offices in the development, coordination and implementation of programmes and intervention strategies..


Léa MERILLON, M&E and capitalisation referent. She graduated from the University of Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne in International Relations & Action Abroad, and European Studies & International Relations in 2013. Then, she worked for more than 4 years in the field in different countries with Catholic Relief Services (CRS) and Danish Refugee Council (DRC), mainly in emergency and rehabilitation contexts. She was in charge of monitoring and evaluation in the Philippines, Nepal, Haiti and Iran, and project manager in Guinea as part of the Ebola outbreak. In April 2019, she joined Solthis as CM&E and capitalisation referent.

Sandrine BOUILLE, Desk Manager Guinea-Niger-Sierra Leone. Sandrine BOUILLE holds a degree in Political Science from the University of Lausanne and a Master’s degree in Development Studies from the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva. She has worked for more than 10 years in the field in different countries (mainly in West Africa and South-East Asia) with the Sentinels and Humanity & Inclusion Foundation as Head of Mission and Programme Manager. She then moved to Paris where she worked in the Advocacy Department of Humanity & Inclusion, then as Head of Africa Programs of Asmae-Association before joining Solthis in December 2019.

Faustine CARNEAU, Project Coordinator. A 2017 graduate of the School of International Affairs at Sciences Po Paris, she has worked for various international organisations in Geneva, Ouagadougou and Paris, mainly in the field of development aid. Before joining Solthis, she worked for nearly 4 years at Agence Française de Développement, as a project manager in the governance, health and social protection sectors, mainly in West Africa. She joined the Operations Department in 2023 as Project Coordinator.

Clémence DOUMENC-AÏDARA, Desk Manager Senegal, Mali, Ivory Coast. After more than 10 years coordinating development projects for NGOs in 12 sub-Saharan African countries, Clémence decided to focus her career in 2015 on the health sector. She joined Médecins du Monde as head of mission in Côte d’Ivoire to coordinate projects for the right to health of the most vulnerable populations (young people and adolescents, women and children under 5 years of age and precarious drug users). She then joined Solthis in 2018 to manage the ATLAS project from Dakar to support the deployment of HIV self-testing in West Africa. Since 2019, she has also held the position of desk manager for Senegal, Mali and Côte d’Ivoire.

Camille RUSSO, Projects Development Coordinator. A graduate of the Master in International Development from Sciences Po Paris and the Master of Public Health (MPH) from EHESP, Camille Russo began her professional career with the Solthis mission in Guinea in 2017. She then worked for the Agence Française de Développement – Expertise France Group for almost 5 years, first at headquarters and then in Mauritania and Côte d’Ivoire as a health project manager, with a specific focus on strengthening health systems, infectious diseases (Ebola, three pandemics), and sexual and reproductive health, including cervical cancer prevention. She rejoined Solthis in August 2023 as Development Coordinator in the Operations Department.

Département Technique

sophie ouvrard 2

Sophie OUVRARD, Technical Department Director. Graduated in Pharmacy with a specialization in medical management at ESCP-EAP in 2002, she firstly worked in clinical development. In 2009, she joined Solthis as Phamacy Manager in Niger. In 2011, she joined the headquarters to work on pharmaceutical activities in Niger and Sierra Leone and  on projects about laboratories activities. In 2015, she became Pharmacy Manager and today, she is Director of the Technical Departement since 2020.

Guillaume breton

Dr Guillaume BRETON, Infectious diseases and research referent. Holding a medical degree, a Diploma in Internal Medicine, in infectious diseases and a Master on communicable and tropical diseases, he was clinical fellow at the Infectious and Tropical Diseases' Department of the Bichat Hospital in Paris. Since 2004, he is a hospital consultant in the Department of Internal Medicine and Clinical Immunology at the Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital in Paris. Former member of Solthis' Board, Guillaume was particularly invested on HIV / AIDS and tuberculosis issues and has already conducted several field missions in particular in sub-Saharan Africa. He has joined us in november 2015 to develop our scientific research activity in connection with the field teams and partners.

Céline BAYAC, Community Health and Gender Referent. Graduated from ISPED in Engineering of Health Actions and Health Promotion, she also holds a master’s degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology, and she's specialized in community health and local development capacity building. She worked on the associative mobilization of PLHIV in Guadeloupe, she was project coordinator and consultant of projects on specific health issues such as HIV and HVC or on global health and health promotion. She has a background in guidance and technical support for populations, institutions and healthcare and social workers. She joined Solthis in 2016.

Mélanie VION, Civil Society Partnership Referent. Specialized in African studies and international cooperation at Paris I Pantheon Sorbonne and Columbia University. She has worked with Médecins du Monde and several community structures on promoting the health and rights of sex workers, as well as refugee populations. Working towards a holistic approach to health that takes into account the intersection of vulnerable situations experienced by people (health, social, legal) is at the heart of her approach. During her experiences, she was particularly involved in advocacy and advocacy against gender and status-related violence. She joined Solthis in 2018.



Anthony VAUTIER, Technical referent for differentiated services.Graduated from a Master’s degree in Public Health Sciences (MPH) and an inter-university degree in Applied Statistics for Clinical Research and Epidemiology, Anthony has twenty years of leadership, coordination and technical assistance in the field of public health. international cooperation with disadvantaged populations in precarious and / or marginalized situations. Ten years of more specific engagement on the issue of HIV / AIDS in Africa and Asia.He then joined Solthis from 2018 to 2022 to ensure from Dakar the technical direction of the ATLAS project in order to accompany the deployment of HIV self-testing in West Africa. Since 2022, he has held the position of technical referent for differentiated services.



Camille ESTEVENIN, Development and Technical Assistance Officer. Graduated from Sciences-Po Strasbourg with a degree in Health Law and Policy, she also holds a Master’s degree in Public Health and Infectious Diseases. She joins Solthis as an intern in the Development Department in 2019, before taking up her position as Development and Technical Assistance Officer. Today, Camille is in charge of the development of technical assistance activities and contributes to the search for institutional funding.

Aurélie Musca Philipps, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Officer: A midwife, she also holds a master’s degree in Action and Humanitarian Law from the University of Aix-Marseille, a master’s degree in Gender Studies from the University of Angers and university degrees in epidemiology and tropical medicine. Specialising in sexual and reproductive health and rights and gender-based violence, she has been involved in humanitarian and development projects for over 10 years. She worked for Médecins du Monde in Asia and Africa as a midwife and then as a medical coordinator before joining Première Urgence Internationale’s head office as health referent for Asia and emergencies, and then Médecins du Monde’s head office as DSSR referent. She also worked as an independent consultant for 5 years, during which time she carried out a variety of assignments for different NGOs and donors, mainly in West and Central Africa. It is in this context that she began working with Solthis in 2019 before joining the head office full-time in 2023.

Administrative and Financial Department

Aurélie BODET, Director of Administration and Finance. A graduate of the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce in Rouen, she was a financial auditor before becoming Financial Manager for Action Contre la Faim and the Red Cross for 6 years (Haiti, Burkina Faso, Myanmar, Ethiopia). Upon her return to Paris in 2016, she joined Solidarités International as Management Controller in support of actions in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Somalia and South Sudan. She completed this experience by becoming Director of Administration and Finance for La Cimade, an association of active solidarity with migrants and refugees, before joining Solthis in 2021.

Gwenaëlle JUNG, Administrative and Financial Coordinator for Niger, Guinea and Sierra Leone. Gwenaëlle has a degree in accounting and management, an M1 in social law and an M2 in international relations/project management in NGOs. She had her first experiences as a finance and HR manager in expatriation for 6 years, in various organizations: Madagascar (Bel Avenir), Guinea (Solthis), Philippines (HI) and Myanmar (ACF). She then became a legal representative for the protection of adults, a position she held for 4 years, before returning to the field of international solidarity as an Administrative and Financial Coordinator at Solthis.

Yendoubuam KOMKPEL, Accounting and Administration Officer at the Headquarters. He is a graduate of Sciences Po Rennes and holds a Master’s degree in Development Engineering and Humanitarian Action from the Faculty of Economic, Social and Territorial Sciences of the University of Lille. After his internship with SOS Méditerranée France, he joined Solthis in November 2022 as an accounting and administration officer.

Sambacor KA, Administrative and Financial Coordinator for Senegal, Côte d’Ivoire and Mali. With a degree in Business Administration, Sambacor KA began his career in an auditing firm before joining Plan International where he spent most of his career. He held all positions in the Finance Department of the regional office based in Dakar before his experiences in the sub-region, notably at Plan International Mali and more recently at Plan International Guinea. He has developed significant experience in budget management, administrative and financial management, grant management and team management.

Aliou LECONTE, Field Accounting Manager. A graduate in accounting, control and auditing (CCA) and finance/accounting, Aliou began his career at the Diourbel Regional Treasury and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime in Dakar. After assignments with Plan International and the Canadian Centre for International Studies and Cooperation, Aliou joined Action contre la Faim in August 2015, as Finance Administrator for the Podor base (Saint Louis Region) in the fight against malnutrition. He was then assigned in July 2016, still as Finance Administrator, to the Matam base, which carries nearly 75% of the budgetary weight of the Senegal Mission. His years of experience have enabled him to strengthen his skills in financial, administrative and accounting management, budget management, human resources management and team management. Aliou joins Solthis in 2019 as Administrative and Financial Manager for Senegal. In 2022, he will join the Head Office team as Field Accounting Manager, still based in Dakar.


Alexis MAKOULOU NGOTE, Multi-country logistics expert. With a degree in accounting and business management, Alexis worked for several international organizations (Médecins Sans Frontières, ALIMA, Première Urgence Internationale, Concern Wordwide, Solidarités International, and Croix Rouge Française), before joining Solthis in January 2024.


Human Ressources Department

Alexandra Castéran-Guenette, Director of Human Resources, joined Solthis in 2023. A graduate of Lille II and EDHEC with a Masters in Corporate Law, she began her career in the private sector working on internal organisation and permanent control, before working for ten years on humanitarian health projects with Médecins Sans Frontières. After being in charge of HR and Finance issues at national level in Africa and the Middle East, she coordinated the team of HR advisers at head office, providing support to HR teams in some thirty countries by training them, equipping them and supporting them in their HR thinking and the implementation of their policies.

Laure BARBIER, Human Resources Manager. With a DUT in Business and Administration Management, with a major in HR, and a Bachelor’s degree in Education Sciences from U-PEC, she first worked in medical and social structures and accompanied vulnerable people for 12 years in the fields of professional integration and specialized education. In 2021, she turned to Human Resources and joined Solthis in March 2022 as Human Resources Manager.

Département Communication et Mécénat

Rachel DOMENACH, Director of communications and fundraising. Graduated from Sciences Po Paris (School of Journalism), she worked in associative structures and in a communications agency where she was in charge of institutional budgets (Ministry of Finance) and then joined Alstom Group (institutional relations). This experience in both public and private sectors has then led her to work on issues of philanthropy and fundraising. She joined Solthis in January 2014 to support internal and external communications.

Juliette BASTIN, Communications and fundraising Manager. A graduate in information and scientific communication and technology, Juliette began her career as a journalist specializing in health and social issues, including Science and Nature within the Groupe Jeune Afrique. She then specialized in the information and communication of international organizations involved in the field of health in Africa and collaborated with the program Secure the Future, Sidaction, UNAIDS, and GAVI. After a few years in the private advertising sector, Juliette joined the ATLAS project in 2018 and is now working as Solthis’communication and fundraising manager since 2022.


Anabel SUTER, Private Sector Partnerships & Philanthropy Manager. She holds a Master's in International Security from Sciences Po Paris and a Bachelor's in Economics from the University of St. Gallen. Having grown up trilingual in Switzerland, she has studied and worked in various countries including Switzerland, France, Singapore and Senegal. Before joining Solthis in 2023, Anabel worked in consulting at Philanthropy Advisors (PA) and at the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) on developing impactful philanthropic strategies and activites alongside the private sector. She has experience in the development and management of philanthropic partnerships, and believes in the essential role the private sector plays when it comes to reaching sustainable development goals.

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