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Solthis relies on the expertise of its teams and its partnership approach to develop a multiplicative impact approach, with effective projects that provide integrated and sustainable responses in line with the needs of the populations and built with the stakeholders. Solthis' action is part of a global approach to health promotion and health system strengthening. Solthis’ intervention strategy is based on 3 modes of intervention:




Based on its three modes of intervention (capacity building and empowerment, operational research and advocacy), Solthis has developed an approach that allows for the transition to national partners and the sustainability of its interventions, as well as, when relevant, their scaling up at the national level or more broadly in international health policies. Our interventions are designed to be integrated into existing health systems and community actions.

Our knowledge production, capacity building and advocacy activities around our interventions allow us to create the conditions for their transition or even their scaling up, in particular through their integration into national strategies and policies, and to consider their extension beyond the project, in time (sustainability) and space (geographical), to increase their impact on the targeted populations. This approach allows us to affirm our principle of “non-substitution” which applies to all our actions. Learn more about transition and scaling up our interventions.



Solthis relies on the legitimacy of national and local actors in the definition and implementation of national health strategies. Our strategy is based on close partnerships with these various national institutional actors; academic partners and research institutes; health structures and health personnel. In keeping with the logic of localizing aid and the concept of “as local as possible, as international as necessary “*, we want to increase the role of the actors closest to the action by working in non-substitution. To do this, we integrate our action into national strategies and policies and support our partners on the basis of the needs they express. * Istanbul Humanitarian Summit, UNGS 2016.

Our partnership approach with civil society organizations (CSOs) has been strengthened in recent years. We aim to provide support to CSOs for their structural strengthening, ranging from strengthening their technical expertise to capacity for direct funding, operational research, monitoring and evaluation, administrative and financial management. Our partnership approach also includes the ambition to forge more alliances with associative and research partners in the area of advocacy, whether at the country level or more globally.



Solthis’ intervention strategy is to guarantee equitable access to health for all, through greater citizen involvement and mechanisms that strengthen the accountability of the health system to users. We act at different levels: individuals, communities, health systems and services, and supportive environments. Our health promotion approach is participatory and inclusive, starting from the needs identified by populations and health actors and taking into account the determinants of health to reduce inequalities. It allows us to continue to strengthen the capacities of health systems and services (public and community), based on our expertise in this field, while acting on key determinants such as gender, empowerment and psychosocial dimensions. Learn more about our expertise in health promotion.



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