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Institutional and private partners

Since its creation, Solthis acts with and responds to the request of the developing countries to strengthen the impact of its projects while tightly collaborating with a wide variety of partners: institutional and private partners, corporate companies and foundations, national and international ones.


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Thanks to the diversity of its financial and collaborative resources, Solthis can preserve both its independence and relevance towards the population of developing countries.

By our side, those contributors play an essential role in giving vulnerable populations access to healthcare by financing our NGO’s activities and/or helping us to implement them on the field. A special thanks for their support.


Companies, foundations, institutionals:

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Agence Française de Développement

The Agence Française de Développement (AFD) funds, supports and accelerates the transitions to a fairer and more sustainable world. Agence Française de Développement (AFD) finances, supports...

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Unitaid is an international organization that invests in new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat HIV/AIDS, hepatitis C, tuberculosis and malaria more quickly, more affordably and more effectively. It...

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City of Paris

Since 2009, the City of Paris has partnered with Solthis. Paris' international action is in line with the municipality's priorities in terms of attractiveness and innovation, urban ecology,...

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L’Oréal Women’s Fund

The L'Oréal Women's Fund is a 3-year endowment fund created in May 2020 to support vulnerable women by addressing the social and economic consequences of the Covid-19 crisis.   The Fund...

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The Initiative

The Initiative is implemented by Expertise France and led by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development. L'Initiative is the 2nd modality of the French contribution to the Global...

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Eurofins Foundation

The objective of the Eurofins Foundation are to support initiatives, across different fields, which share these same goals. The foundation supports initiatives aiming at protecting the environment,...

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Within the framework of the OPP-ERA project, Solthis received additional funding from the National Agency for Research on AIDS.

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Global fund

The Global Fund is a partnership designed to accelerate the end of AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria as epidemics. As an international organization, the Global Fund mobilizes and invests more than US$4...

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Expertise France

Expertise France is the French international technical expertise agency, created to increase the mobilization capacities of the various areas of public technical expertise in the international arena,...

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