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Management capacity strengthening of community pharmacies



Sidaction is implementing a program in 5 sub-Saharan African countries (Burundi, Mali, Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, Burkina Faso)  which aims at strengthening healthcare services and civil society. The program targets key populations, i.e.,  most vulnerable and at risk of stigmatization and of HIV / AIDS transmission. The program’s objective is to contribute to reducing sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and HIV co-infections as well as improving access for this population to quality, sustainable and integrated health care.


Under this program, 12 associative structures are in charge of community pharmacies. Quantity and stock of medicines vary depending on the ammount of patients and  approvals granted to provide ARVs. Treatments for opportunistic diseases and major STIs are part of  types of medicines provided  by these pharmacies.


In this respect, Sidaction requested the expertise of Solthis to strengthen capacities of members  of the associations involved in these pharmacies management.


The project  aims at strengthening capacities of supported associative structures in management of community pharmacies and at improving current practices in:

  1. Inventory management
  2. Placement of orders
  3. Medicine dispensation and good use
  4. Organization of pharmacy activities
  5. Participation in the national GAS (Inventory Management and Supply) dynamic to facilitate access to HIV / AIDS health products


The project comprises 3 periods:

Diagnosis and development of a capacity building plan

  • Capitalization of existing data from previous work;
  • Creation of a self-assessment tool; telephone interviews with associative structures;
  • Analysis of interviews and self-assessments and identification of priority activities;
  • Development of a capacity building plan.

Implementation of the capacity building plan

  • Pharmaceutical training and tutoring for the staff; production of documents, including updating of guidelines for the management of a pharmacy and creation of a mini Vidal specific to antiretrovirals,  opportunistic infections and sexually transmitted infections medicines.

Realization of :

  • a general activity report
  • a detailed report for each association.


The project contributed to strengthening management capacity of community-based pharmacies run  by 6 associative structures  in :

  •  correct use of the various inventory management tools;
  • procedures for placing orders;
  • techniques for medicines dispensation and proper use;
  • Pharmacy activities planning and prioritization .


Note that self-assessment tools have been provided in each structure, which will enable them to monitor the implementation of achievements, recommendations made during the project and the objectives set.



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