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Improving health and living conditions of prisoners in Niger


The challenges

The situation concerning prisoners' fundamental rights in Niger is particularly worrying, with dilapidated and overpopulated establishments, where even the most minimal levels of food and hygiene are not guaranteed. We have noted the low availability of treatments, a lack of staff training, a lack of dietary variety, and underdiagnoses of mental illnesses. In addition to this, the rights of prisoners in terms of social and legal assistance are not respected. Faced with these failures, the current project works towards the promotion of human rights in Niger, and improving living conditions in prisons by improving prisoners' access to quality hygiene, legal and social services, and by helping Nigerian civil society in its role of protecting and promoting human rights.

Start Date: January 2016

Project area: Niger

Budget: €248.403

Financial source: European Union (EuropeAid) and the Bettencourt Schueller Foundation

Recipients: ANDDH (Nigerian Association for the Protection of Human Rights)



Contribute to the strengthening and promotion of human rights in Niger in order to improve living conditions of prisoners.



  • Strengthening the legal, social and health offering
  • Strengthening the ability of carers
  • Increasing awareness of rights
  • Participatory studies
  • Evaluations/ needs analyses / participatory diagnosis
  • Strengthening the capacity for advocacy from our local partner ANDDH
  • Establish a human rights watch




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