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Actualités » Press release: New stage for the AIRE project

31 March 2021 |  Press Release

  To provide access to innovative diagnostic tools to improve the identification of respiratory distress in children under 5 years of age.   Niamey, Niger. From 18 to 20 March, Solthis, in partnership with the Directorate of Mother and Child Health, is organising a workshop to revise...
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Projets » AIRE PROJECT in Niger : Improving the Identification of Respiratory distress in Children under 5 years

25 September 2019

Reduce  child mortality by effectively diagnosing and monitoring cases of respiratory distress, which remain among the leading causes of death among children under 5 years in Niger and around the world.   Background In 2018, an estimated 5.3 million children worldwide will have died...
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Actualités » Improving access to Covid-19 testing in West Africa using rapid antigenic tests

29 June 2022 |  Informations

The ECOVAN/ECOVAM studies in Mali and Niger evaluated the introduction of antigenic tests for COVID-19, combined with a triage strategy for symptomatic patients. The medical triage strategy allowed : +360% of suspected cases detected and offered a rapid antigen test The antigenic tests...
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Actualités » 120 health professionals trained in the use of pulse oximeters in Niger

19 July 2021 |  Informations

  In Niger, the AIRE project launched in June a series of training sessions for health workers in the use of the pulse oximeter (PO) in the Integrated Management of Childhood Illness (IMCI), an essential tool for the diagnosis of low blood oxygen levels, which is one of the main causes of...
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Actualités » Niger: laboratories to fight HIV and tuberculosis

9 July 2021 |  Press Release

Niamey, Republic of Niger, 7 July 2021 at the GAWEYE Hotel - 9am: Solthis officially launches the Labo 2S project "LABORATORIES FOR HEALTH IN NIGER" implemented in Niger in partnership with Fondation Mérieux and in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Health (MSP) and patients' associations...
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Actualités » COVID-19: Civil society engagement in Guinea

30 December 2020 |  Informations

Our series of testimonies on continuity of care during the health crisis continues. Civil society organisations (CSOs) are key actors in the response to this crisis. Here we give the floor to Aminata Soumaoro, president of the Collectif inter-associatif pour le plaidoyer et la promotion des droits...
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Actualités » Niger – Management of Covid-19 suspected cases at the Regional Hospital Centre of Niamey

1 September 2020 |  Informations

Since the first COVID-19 case in Niger, notified on 19 March 2020, 1,167 cases have been recorded as of 20 August 2020, particularly in the Niamey region. THe region remains the first and most affected region with 858 cases, i.e. 74% of the cases identified in the country. To support the Ministry...
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Projets » RUCHE : Placing Users at the Centre of the Fight against HIV in Guinea and Côte d’Ivoire

15 July 2020

  The project is experimenting a patient-centred approach to HIV care through capacity building for users, healthcare professionals and decision-makers.     Context Côte d'Ivoire and Guinea are significantly lagging behind in the fight against HIV/AIDS despite...
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Events » AFRAVIH 2020

31 January 2020

Note: Due to the global Coronavirus epidemic context, the AFRAVIH conference is postponed from 8 to 11 November, online. The 10th International Francophone Conference on HIV, Hepatitis and Sexual Health organised by AFRAVIH will be held online, from 8 to 11 November 2020. The conference once...
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Projets » Health Systems and Services Strengthening Programme in Côte d’Ivoire and Sierra Leone

26 September 2019

Strengthen health systems and ensure the active involvement of communities, especially women and youth, in the national health decision-making process Context Since the 1980s, Côte d'Ivoire and Sierra Leone have been affected by violent conflicts, natural disasters and large-scale epidemics....
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