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Health is a right
Having access to it is vital

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You can support our actions by donating online by credit card (100% secured transaction) with our partner HelloAsso.

A monthly donation helps sustain our action. If you are taxable in France, your donation is deductible from your income tax up to 66%, in a limit of 20% of your taxable net income. So a donation of 50 euros only costs you 17 euros. Do not hesitate to indicate your phone number or e-mail letter to simplify any future exchange (of new projects thanks to your donations, tax receipts ). You will receive your Received Fiscal year end, in an email sent by our partner Helloasso” via the address


More than 92% of expenses are allocated to social missions.

Your donations help finance the association’s general interest activities.


Our accounts are certified annually by an independent auditor and we regularly conduct internal and external evaluations of our projects.

By supporting Solthis, if you are taxable in France

  • 66% of your donation is deductible from your Income Tax within the limit of 20% of your taxable income (excess can be carried forward for 5 years).
  • 60% of your donation is deductible from your Corporate Tax, within the limit of 5‰ of the annual turnover excluding tax (excess can be carried forward for 5 years).

Supporting us for access to healthcare for women and girls means:

  • Strengthening access and quality of health services for women and girls whatever their needs: gynecological care, access to contraceptives, pregnancy and childbirth follow-ups, post-partum care to prevent hemorrhaging, etc.
  • Mobilize women, especially adolescents, to become active participants in their own health, to know their rights and to be able to make choices about their sexual and reproductive lives.
  • To fight against unwanted and early pregnancies, against violence against women, especially during harassment, non-consensual sexual relations or domestic violence.

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