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Our values and principles of intervention

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Solthis is an independent international solidarity organization that has operated in West Africa for more than ten years. Since 2003, we have never stopped developing, innovating, and adapting while remaining faithful to our values.



Solidarity and commitment

As a collaborative organization, we take actions consistent with universal ethical principles to promote the right of all people to health. We aim to respond effectively to the needs of populations without concern for race, gender, religion, social condition, or political affiliation.



We are committed to transparency in our relationships with our partners, beneficiaries, and collaborators. We strive for transparency in our actions, our management and use of funds, our human resource policies, and the various laws and regulations that apply to our operations. You can learn more about our financial transparency, certification of our accounts, and our IDEAS certification.



We operate through a strong presence in the field that is part of a rigorous and long-term approach to development. Our methodology of action aims to make our programs fully consistent and ensure their efficiency and effectiveness. We use standards of quality to measure the long-term results that we achieve.

We support our programs using a proven methodology of strengthening capacity and supporting change.

Our teams strive to identify the needs of local populations and adapt our intervention strategies based on those needs. Teams thus aim to provide the most appropriate and effective responses to health challenges.


Creativity, innovation

Our scientific and pragmatic approach allows us to devise the most appropriate solutions in the field.

Over the years, we have implemented innovative medical programs, such as providing access to viral load testing. Our innovations have also included the development of engaging ad hoc educational tools for patients and health care providers.

Solthis strives to offer an educational approach focused on people and the transmission of knowledge. People and education are the twin motivations for the accompaniment, training, and guidance that we provide.



Taking action but not replacing

Solthis has remained committed to the principle of “non-replacement” since its creation.

Our teams intervene at the request of national authorities, collaborating with them to prepare action programs. These programs aim to empower our local partners and achieve long-term development.

We strive to strengthen existing public health structures by accompanying health professionals without replacing local actors.


Mobilizing multidisciplinary academic expertise for field actions

The founders of Solthis were physicians working both as clinicians and researchers. Today Solthis benefits from a staff of established experts, as well as a working group of volunteer scientists.

We create and implement programs by drawing on our multidisciplinary academic expertise. That expertise allows us to confront all aspects of health issues: medical, social, economic, or political.

Solthis also promotes the exchange of knowledge and North/South partnerships with universities, university hospitals, research institutes, and international organizations.

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