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Health is a right
Having access to it is vital

Our mission

Solthis is an international solidarity NGO whose goal is to sustainably improve the health of populations, particularly those most at risk, in countries with limited resources, and to strengthen their acess to quality health services.


Health is a right. Accessing it is vital…

Health is a fundamental right for all. Indeed, at the heart of all social policies, it impacts the lives of individuals and their environment. Health interventions have often been approached from a “curative” angle. Today, prevention policies are an essential complement to therapeutic approaches. A global vision that is expressed at Solthis through a health promotion approach at the country level by involving the users⋅e⋅s of the health system both as targets of interventions and actors of their own health.


→ We work to promote equitable access to quality health care and services for all and to respect the rights of each and every person.

→ We support health systems and their actors: health workers, users, communities, health authorities, civil society, in a sustainable strengthening approach.

→ We always act in partnership, with a view to non-substitution, transmission of our activities to national actors, and sustainability.


…for a world where women and men are equal and in good health

Our vision is of a world where men and women are equal and healthy, free to make their own choices, with equal access to quality health care and services. A world where the rights of every individual, including the right to health, are respected regardless of gender, origin, religion, sexual orientation or political affiliation. A world where special attention is paid to the most vulnerable populations to help reduce social inequalities in health. Our organization is in line with current developments in international solidarity, aiming at the autonomy of people and organizations in the African countries where we intervene through a localized approach to aid, strengthening the role of national actors and taking into account the evolution of health determinants and the combined impact of health, socio-economic, political and environmental crises.



Health is a right,

Let's take action together

So that everyone has access to health!

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