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Our mission

Solthis is an international solidarity NGO, our goal is to improve prevention and access to quality care by strengthening the health systems and services of the countries where we operate.




Act without waiting for the crisis…

Health is a fundamental right for all. Indeed, at the heart of all social policies, it impacts the lives of individuals and their environment. Health interventions have often been approached from a “curative” angle. Today, prevention policies are an essential complement to therapeutic approaches. A global vision at Solthis by strengthening health systems and services at a country level by involving users of the health system both as a target for interventions and as actors in their own health.


Solthis is convinced of the need to act before crises to build resilient systems capable of ensuring the best possible health for the population.


…for a world where access to health will be a right and a reality for all

Solthis’ mission is to improve the health of populations in countries with the lowest coverage of health needs, by strengthening the capacity of health systems to meet people’s needs in terms of quality, access to care and equity.

For 15 years, we have worked hand-in-hand with local actors in West and Central Africa on prevention and access to quality care by sustainably strengthening health systems and services.



Health is a right,

Let's take action together

So that everyone has access to health!

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