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The Solthis staff mostly consists of field professionals (about 90% of total staff).


Head office

Solthis headquarters provide support to international missions. The staff based in our headquarters is in charge of the coordination and technical support to operations, of human and financial resource management, and promotes the debate and the involvement of the working group and represents our association in associative collective networks and national and international bodies.

A team of fifteen people is dedicated to the coordination of operations, scientific research, health system strengthening, communication, partnerships, human resources, administration and finance.


Work in the field

Head of Mission

The Head of Mission oversees the project, coordinating teams and interacts with national and international institutions involved in combating against HIV in the country.

Main responsibilities: represent the organization at national level, coordinate activities, manage the team, analyse the context and the safety of properties and people and provide support to national coordinating bodies.


  • University degree in social science, political science or development
  • At least 3 years’ experience in project coordination
  • At least one previous experience in healthcare project coordination
  • Knowledge of Public Health appreciated


Physician / Pediatrician

He / she is in charge of the continued implementation of capacity-building actions for healthcare professionals and staff of coordination bodies. His or her main activities are strengthening the skills of healthcare teams (training, clinical mentoring), support to coordination bodies, follow-up of operational research projects and project setting up.


  • Physician or pediatrician
  • Knowledge of public health and / or clinical research
  • Experience in capacity building and training of health care professionals



He / she is in charge of the implementation of capacity-building actions for healthcare professionals and for the authorities involved in pharmaceutical management at the national level in order to ensure drug supply and improve the quality and continuity of health care.


  • Pharmacist
  • Experience in drug dispensing and inventory management
  • Experience in capacity building and training of health care professionals


Administrative and Financial Coordinator / Administrator

He / she coordinates all in-country administrative and logistical aspects as well as human and financial resources. He / she leads the administrative team and the logistics of the mission.


  • Academic Degree in finance or accounting
  • 2 years of experience holding an equivalent position within an international NGO
  • Expert in accounts and financial management, knowledge of the procedures of funding agencies, human resources management and team management


Health Information System Manager

He / she is in charge of ensuring the improvement of data availability and quality and the analysis of produced health data. Depending on the mission, he / she will supervise the Solthis Data Managers and assume full responsibility for the implementation of activities related to the health information system.


  • Academic degree in statistics
  • Required experience in data analysis
  • Use of statistical analysis software


Medicine / Pharmacy Residents

Solthis also recruits junior medical and paramedical profiles for short-term missions (1-6 months) to support out teams.


Applying to Solthis


Other profiles may also be required under the various projects carried out by Solthis.

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