Solthis Therapeutic Solidarity and Initiatives for Health

Health is a right
Having access to it is vital

How to act together ?

Corporate companies and Foundations: let's become partners!

Build a win-win relationship

You can commit yourself with Solthis in different ways, chose which ones best suits you:

A direct donation: by financing all or part of a Solthis project.

An activity to mobilize your employees: a sports challenge, a playful collection at an exhibition stand and/or on-line…  we can offer a set of genuine tools for internal cohesion, which can take various forms that we will help you to devise.

A product-sharing operation: convert a part of your product sales profits into a donation and convey an image of solidarity through your packaging.

Skills and in-kind sponsorship: equipment, information and communication technology, vehicles… or any other activity that we can design together!




Call us at  +33(0)1 81 70 17 90

or click here ici.

Institutional partners:

Contact Caroline Gallais at +33(0)1 81 70 17 96


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