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Requests for proposals

1/ External evaluation for “Empowerment of users for good-quality HIV Care” Solthis' project in Sierra Leone 

Candidatures’ closing date: June 22, 2018
Please send your candidature to the following address:

This evaluation will set out the results produced by the project monitoring and evaluation system and will emphasise the most significant changes noticed by the project’s target groups (including NETHIPS’ capacity to influence, the functioning of patient support groups and the improvement in the quality of HIV treatment in the targeted facilities). The evaluation will be conducted in a participatory manner with all the partners and target groups, with a view to self-evaluation and capitalisation on the lessons to be drawn from the project. This participatory methodology must identify the different steps of the evaluation process, which stakeholders will take part to the process and how, which survey technique will be used for each stakeholder and/or toward which data collection target.

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2/ ENDLINE HEALTH RESPONSIVENESS SURVEY IN SIERRA LEONE : The overall aim of the survey will be to evaluate the responsiveness for HIV care in health centres of the EMPOWER project. The specific objectives will include:

  1. To evaluate the inequalities of responsiveness among the study population and to identify potential vulnerable groups
  2. To identify the individual and structural determinants of responsiveness
  3. To compare responsiveness between HIV+ and HIV- patients
  4. To produce recommendations to support evidence-based policies

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