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OH WOMAN: The game aims to raise awareness of sexual and reproductive health issues among teenagers and young people.

12 April 2024


Solthis, in partnership with OH WOMAN®, has launched the game of the same name in West Africa. Inspired by awalé, a traditional West African game, OH WOMAN® offers a playful and effective approach to raising awareness among adolescents and young people about the crucial issues of sexual and reproductive health (SRH). For the Solthis teams, this game is a particularly useful teaching tool for our sexual and reproductive health (SRH) projects. In partnership with the publisher, we have... Read more

The Conference-Debate organized by Solthis and its partners on Intergenerational Dialogue as seen by Guinea 360

12 April 2024


As part of the PAJES project, and to celebrate Women's Month, Solthis and its partner ABLOGUI organized a conference-debate on intergenerational dialogue in Guinea. Read the Guinée 360 article about this event and its impact on the community. Read the Guinea 360 article covering this event and its impact on the community. Read more

The PACTES study on advances in HIV care published in Frontiers in Reproductive Health

12 April 2024

GUINEAFighting HIV / AIDSInfectious and emerging diseases

Our latest study on the PACTES project has been published in Frontiers in Reproductive Health. Studies on the organization of care and the power dynamics between providers and HIV patients in sub-Saharan Africa are rare. This study aims to describe the patient-provider relationship and explore the challenges of optimal, patient-centered care for people living with HIV (PLHIV). Integrating psychosocial counselors into the organization of HIV care, improving access to ARVs, the availability... Read more

What if drones saved lives?

27 March 2024

GUINEAFighting HIV / AIDSInfectious and emerging diseases

The AIR-POP project aims to optimize the screening and management of HIV-exposed newborns by studying the feasibility of transporting blood samples by drone. A child's chances of survival depend on early treatment, which is often hampered by the late availability of screening results. Obtaining results is limited by the difficulty of transporting blood samples between health centers and the laboratory in charge. Transporting these samples by drone would reduce delivery time and optimize... Read more

March 24 – World Tuberculosis Day

25 March 2024

SIERRA LEONEFighting tuberculosisInfectious and emerging diseases

To mark World TB Day, two studies conducted as part of the TB-Speed project have been published in eClinicalMedicine. The aim of these studies was to assess the impact of decentralized diagnosis on the detection of cases of tuberculosis in children. Indeed, less than half of the one million children affected by tuberculosis each year remain undiagnosed, as diagnosis requires specific procedures for taking samples for testing, clinical expertise and proper interpretation of chest X-rays. In... Read more

March 8, 2024 – International Women’s Rights Day

12 March 2024


As every year on March 8, International Women's Rights Day, Solthis demonstrates its ongoing commitment to a feminist approach to healthcare. To mark the occasion, we posted content on our social networks highlighting the importance of access to sexual and reproductive health care and rights for all. We began with an interview with Ramata Baldé, a young ambassador from Guinea, member of Ablogui and General Secretary of the COPIL Jeunes of the PAJES project, who through her advocacy shows... Read more

A look back at the 11th African Conference on Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (ACSHR)

12 March 2024

A look back at the 11th African Conference on Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (ACSHR) held from February 26 to March 02, 2024 in Rabat, Morocco. As part of this conference, Solthis presented its commitment to sexual and reproductive health and rights, with its teams in Côte d'Ivoire, Senegal and headquarters, through its stand and oral communications, worshop and poster. Our teams shared their experience in deploying projects to promote dialogue and education on these crucial issues,... Read more

Solthis at the center of AFRAVIH: 1 symposium, 5 oral communications, 4 posters and 1 stand

6 March 2024

The 12th International Francophone Conference on HIV, Hepatitis, Sexual Health and Emerging Infections (AFRAVIH) will take place from April 16 to 19, 2024 at the Palais des Congrès in Yaoundé, Cameroon. Solthis will be present at the event, through : the organization of a symposium dedicated to the SANSAS project, co-organized with our partner EquiPop (Wednesday April 17 at 12:30 pm) : The SANSAS project in Senegal: a comprehensive approach to meeting the specific sexual and... Read more

Portrait: our caring citizens

14 February 2024


Interview with Dr Gabrièle Laborde-Balen Health anthropologist Dr Gabrièle Laborde-Balen has been working for over 20 years in West and Central Africa, mainly in Cameroon and Senegal. Associate researcher at IRD's TransVIHMI unit, her research focuses on HIV-related vulnerabilities: pediatric HIV, men who have sex with men and elderly people living with HIV. She shares about her experience as an expert in the implementation of our technical assistance for the situational analysis of... Read more

The ATLAS project in IRD Mag’

25 January 2024


Secondary dispensation was one of the major innovations of the ATLAS project, run in consortium by Solthis and IRD between 2018 and 2022. This strategy, aimed at entrusting the dispensing of HIV self-testing kits to key populations so that they themselves distribute them to less accessible targets, made it possible to reach people who previously had no access to testing. IRD Mag' has published an article reviewing the results of the study carried out to evaluate this strategy. Discover the... Read more

Best wishes for 2024!

25 January 2024

🎉 All the Solthis teams wish you a happy 2024 ! May 2024 reflects our common ambitions: a more united, fairer world, where health is a right for all! See our animated gif Read more

A look back at 20 years of Solthis in Sierra Leone, Côte d’Ivoire, Senegal, Mali and Niger

12 December 2023

After the head office team in Paris, it was the turn of our teams in the field in Sierra Leone, Côte d'Ivoire, Senegal and Mali to celebrate Solthis' 20th anniversary, accompanied by our institutional partners and the people on the field who play a central role in ensuring that our projects run smoothly. To mark the occasion, our Chief Executive Officer, Dr Serge Breysse, went to Freetown, where he joined Maurice Kwite, Country Director and the Deputy Minister of Planning . Then to Dakar,... Read more




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