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2 new resources to improve health care for people living with HIV

28 November 2019


  HIV viral load measure is a key monitoring tool for people living with HIV/AIDS. UNAIDS selected it as the 3rd key indicator to end the global HIV/AIDS epidemic, with the goal that 90% of patients on ARV therapy should have a permanent viral suppression. However, e ective access to it remains a challenge, particularly in West and Central Africa. The objective of this Toolkit and Guide is to share the richness of experience gained from six years of implementation of the OPP-ERA project... Read more

ICASA 2019: Meet our teams and partners to discuss the new challenges in the fight against HIV in Africa

26 November 2019


ICASA 2019

From 2 to 7 December 2019 will be held in Rwanda, the 20th edition of the International Conference against HIV and Sexually Transmitted Infections in Africa, ICASA 2019. Meet our teams and partners at the conference to discuss the new challenges in the fight against HIV in West and Central Africa: introduction of HIV self-testing with the ATLAS project, 6 years of improving access to viral load testing with the OPP-ERA project, Users empowerment and patient involvement to improve the quality... Read more

Replenishment Conference of The Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis & Malaria

9 October 2019


  The Global Fund Replenishment Conference is opening today in Lyon, France.  The French President and the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis & Malaria have set a target of raising at least 14 billion dollars for 2020-2022, which will save 16 million additional lives.  An increase of the French contribution by at least 25% is a prerequisite to reach this target. The success of the Global Fund Replenishment Conference depends on it.   This increase of at least 270... Read more

Preventing mother-to-child HIV transmission in Guinea: results of the ANRS 12344-DIAVINA study

8 October 2019


Santé mère-enfant : prévention de la transmission mère enfant du VIH, résultats de l’étude ANRS 12344-DIAVINA

Conakry, Guinea, October 8, 2019. The  Operational Research Project ANRS 12344- DIAVINA, implemented in Guinea since 2017 by Solthis in partnership with PNLSH (the National Programme for the Fight against AIDS and Hepatitis) and FEG, the association Federation Espoir Guinée and thanks to the financial support of ANRS and the Paris City Hall, ends on Tuesday 8 October 2019 in Conakry.   Why the project? Despite progress in preventing mother-to-child transmission of HIV (PMTCT),... Read more

The application LIFE4ME+ is being extended to the MENA REGION

26 September 2019

Therapeutic Patient EducationHEALTH SERVICEHIV / AIDS

The "right to health" is considered a fundamental right for all. Nevertheless, inequalities in access to care shows that it is far from being a reality for everyone.   Life4me+ : an application to address several needs in the MENA region In the MENA region where the ACACIAS project is being implemented, these inequalities are particularly pronounced in terms of HIV, particularly among key populations who represent the majority of the population affected by the epidemic in the region.... Read more

The Democratic Republic of Congo has acquired a new certified database to better guide its fight against HIV

25 September 2019


Among the first countries to acknowledge that they were affected by HIV, the DRC has made progress in the fight against HIV since the discovery of the first cases in 1983 and the recognition of the epidemic by the Government in 1984. Today, the country faces a generalized HIV epidemic with an estimated prevalence of 1.2% in the general population (DHS 2013-2014). However, the fight against HIV in DRC faces a problem of availability and quality of strategic information that can be used to... Read more

Mali and Senegal: HIV self-test kits are now available

12 September 2019


As part of the ATLAS project, and thanks to the active involvement of the Ministry of Health and Social Action of Senegal and the National Council for the Fight against HIV, the first distribution of HIV self-test kits have started since early July in Dakar ,Thiès and Ziguinchor. In Mali, the first distribution of HIV self-test kits have begun since August, also thanks to the active involvement of the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs and all our partners.   Various channels to... Read more

Solthis launches the AFD “CAP” Program : “Capacities to strengthen the fight against HIV / AIDS in West Africa”

2 July 2019


Pour la première fois Solthis a été sélectionnée pour bénéficier d’une convention programme de l’AFD d’une durée de 3 ans (2019-2022), visant à financer un ensemble d’actions de terrain et transversales incluant la capitalisation, le plaidoyer, la communication et le suivi-évaluation au service de la lutte contre le VIH/sida en Afrique. Cette Convention Programme couvre des interventions plus spécifiquement au Mali, au Sénégal et en Sierra Leone, mais a aussi vocation à renforcer les capacités des équipes de Solthis dans leur intégralité. Elle repose sur la conjonction de 3 financements : le financement de l’AFD qui vient s’ajouter au financement d’Unitaid pour le projet ATLAS – Autotest VIH, Libre d’Accéder à la Connaissance de son statut- et à la subvention de la Mairie de Paris pour la phase 2 du Projet d’Empowerment des usagers pour une prise en charge du VIH de qualité en Sierra Leone. Solthis se réjouit de cette opportunité de pouvoir associer 3 bailleurs complémentaires pour créer des synergies et un effet de levier dans la mise en œuvre de projets innovants ayant vocation ensuite à déclencher un changement à grande échelle comme ATLAS, tout en poursuivant son travail de capitalisation et de renforcement de ses capacités internes sur quatre thématiques essentielles pour répondre de manière adaptée et pérenne aux besoins en santé des populations les plus vulnérables : - La promotion de la santé et l’empowerment des usager.e.s - L’offre de services - Le renforcement des relations partenariales et des organisations de la société civile - La stratégie de transition et le passage à l’échelle des interventions menées 200.000 personnes devraient se voir proposer un autotest de dépistage du VIH/sida au Sénégal et au Mali, dans le cadre du projet ATLAS. 8000 patients de la file active en Sierra Leone bénéficieront d’une offre de soins de meilleure qualité à l’issue du projet, qui appuiera aussi les équipes soignantes des 20 centres de santé ciblés en Sierra Leone dans le cadre du projet Empower. Les membres et salariés des associations locales soutenues au Mali, au Sénégal et en Sierra Leone ainsi que les représentants des autorités sanitaires régionales et nationales de ces pays bénéficieront également d’un accompagnement et appui technique. On estime à Plus de 230.000 le nombre totale de personnes vivant avec le VIH qui bénéficieront des avancées permises par ce programme. En savoir plus : • Lien vers le projet ATLAS mené en consortium par Solthis et l’IRD et les partenaires locaux avec le soutien et le financement d’Unitaid, et un financement additionnel de l’AFD • Lien vers le projet EMPOWER financé par l’AFD et la Mairie de Paris • Lien vers la page Convention Programme CAP (en cours de construction)

For the first time, Solthis has been selected to benefit from a three-year (2019-2022) AFD program agreement aimed at financing a range of field and cross-sectoral actions including capitalization, advocacy , communication and monitoring and evaluation for the fight against HIV / AIDS in Africa. This Program covers interventions specifically in Mali, Senegal and Sierra Leone, but also aims to strengthen the capacities of all Solthis teams. It is based on the conjunction of 3 financings: the... Read more

Recognizing the role of the psychosocial support workers in the care system of people living with HIV

26 June 2019


In Guinea, the PACTES Project continues to organize workshops to exchange and sensitize caregivers, HIV care centres' personnel on the importance of the psychosocial support for PLHIV and the need to integrate the offer in the global HIV care system. On Wednesday, June 19, 2019, patients, Psychosocial Agents (APS), receptionists and caregivers from the Kankan Regional Hospital gathered to analyze  an HIV-infected patient circuit to identify the different actors who intervene around the... Read more

Strengthening drug quality control to secure populations in French- speaking Africa

26 June 2019


Contrôle des médicaments en Afrique Francophone

In French-speaking Africa, the lack of a pharmaceutical drug production unit obliges pharmaceutical wholesalers (public and private) to import almost all of their need for drugs with risks of major defects in pharmaceutical quality. In addition, the absence of a national laboratory to control the quality of functional drugs in line with international standards is a major handicap to the protection of the population and to the pharmaceutical of these developing countries. Since October 2018,... Read more

Sierra Leone : Inauguration meeting of the Empower II Steering Committee

25 June 2019


Solthis Sierra Leone

On 21st July 2019 in Sierra Leone, Solthis Sierra Leone launched the steering committee dedicated to support the implementation and enhance ownership for sustainability of the project Empower-phase II to improve the quality of HIV care in Sierra Leone. The committee gathers key stakeholders in fighting against HIV in Sierra Leone : National AIDS Secretariat (NAS), National AIDS Control Programme (NACP), National Leprosy and TB Control Programme (NTLP), UNAIDS, UNICEF, Network of HIV... Read more

Activity Report 2018: available now

18 June 2019

Find our new activity report 2018, to consult and download. Download the activity report 2018 Consult online Read more




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