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Our Human Resources policy

Our HR policy is resolutely turned towards our workforce and the future.

We make sure that each and every staff member, without any distinction, is involved in the life and development of the association. We are also committed to facilitate the full integration of every new staff member, to support him / her throughout their careers and help develop their skills.


Sharing Common Values

Both in France and in the countries where it is active, Solthis relies on teams of individuals who share its values ​​and are committed together to improve the health of populations in developing countries. Solthis is constantly looking for new skills, in particular for field missions, but also for office work at its headquarters.

Its objective also consists of developing, together with its staff member who fight for a common cause, a scientific and multidisciplinary approach with view to provide high-quality solutions that are adapted to local conditions.


Promoting Diversity

Depending on the profiles, experience, and individual ambitions, you may join us either as an employee, a volunteer, or an intern.

The different backgrounds of Slothis staff members and experience sharing strengthen the promotion of diversity within our association.

Solthis is committed to the fight against all forms of discrimination and for the promotion of diversity and professional equality. Slothis also promotes the social and professional inclusion of people with disabilities by favoring their hiring as much as possible and their continued employment at headquarters and on the field.


Contributing to Professional Development

Solthis gives its staff members (employees, volunteers and interns, based in France and abroad) the possibility not only to contribute to the successful implementation of its actions, but also to enhance their own professional projects. Therefore, the association follows up and supports its teams both on the field and at headquarters, throughout their contracts.

Upon taking up duties, new employees receive personalized monitoring and attend a series of briefings.

Solthis conducts performance evaluation on a regular basis in order to provide employees with a regular appraisal of their actions and the opportunity to express their expectations and potential support needs. Among others, Solthis implemented a training policy for its staff to acquire and develop the skills required for their mission. Also as part of promoting personal evolution we strive to maintain the motivation of our staff members and support them in their career.

Moreover, the diversity of our projects and our presence in France and internationally allow us to facilitate, wherever possible, the internal professional mobility between headquarters and field missions.

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