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5% Initiative

5% Initiative AIDS, Tuberculosis, Malaria is implemented by Expertise France and led by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development. Solthis experts were deployed in 2015 on three technical assistance missions financed by Channel 1 of 5%Initiative :

  • supporting the preparation of documents related to the management of supplies and stocks under the Global Fund HIV grant in Tunisia;
  • supporting the improvement of the DPHL information system for logistics and pharmaceutical management in Niger;
  • support for the preparation of documents related to the Global Fund HIV grant in Guinea (component supply and stock management).

In addition, Solthis received two funding grants under the Channel 3 call for proposals opened in response to the exceptional context of the Ebola epidemic for its projects focused on continuity of HIV care in Guinea and Sierra Leone.

5% Initiative also funds the implementation of the CASSIS project over 3 years (2013-2016). This project aims to improve access to care and the health information systems of HIV/AIDS programmes funded by the Global Fund in Niger and Guinea. CASSIS worked in partnership with UNAIDS and Solthis' national partners (Niger: ULSS, CISLS; Guinea: PNPCSP, SE/CNLS).

Lastly, Solthis is a member of the RAFASCREEN project consortium led by the Benin National Programme against Tuberculosis (PNT). Funded by 5% Initiative, this project aims to improve the detection of TB patients infected with HIV and diabetes in Benin, Guinea and Senegal. Within the framework of this project, Solthis monitors activities implemented in Guinea.


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