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Institutional and private partners

Since its creation, Solthis acts with and responds to the request of the developing countries to strengthen the impact of its projects while tightly collaborating with a wide variety of partners: institutional and private partners, corporate companies and foundations, national and international ones.


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Thanks to the diversity of its financial and collaborative resources, Solthis can preserve both its independence and relevance towards the population of developing countries.

By our side, those contributors play an essential role in giving vulnerable populations access to healthcare by financing our NGO’s activities and/or helping us to implement them on the field. A special thanks for their support.


Companies, foundations, institutionals:

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Fondation Enfants d’urgence

The Fondation Enfants d'Urgence supported the continuity of care for people living with HIV in the context of the Ebola epidemic programme in 2015.

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Charities Aid Foundation

The advocacy project funded by the Foundation aims to improve the implementation of Global Fund grants in fragile states. This project took place in 2014 and was completed by April 2015.

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Foundation Bettencourt Schueller

Since its inception in 2003, the Bettencourt Schueller Foundation has given vital support to Solthis. The Foundation continued to support all of Solthis activities in 2015.

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Saham insurance Guinea

The Saham insurance subsidiary of Guinea supports the DIAVINA project, marking its involvement in a local project to improve the health in Guinea.