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World AIDS Day: we must remain mobilised against HIV/AIDS

Progress must not mask the remaining efforts to fight HIV/AIDS worldwide

1 December 2016

Fighting HIV / AIDS

In 2015, more than 36 million people live with HIV / AIDS in the world, access to antiretroviral therapy (ART) has doubled and 54% of PLHIV have access to ART. Mortality has dropped by 25% in five years: 1.1 million deaths are related to HIV / AIDS in 2015.

The progress made in the fight against HIV / AIDS hide, nevertheless, disparities, especially in West and Central Africa where Solthis operates.We therefore need more than ever to mobilize and accelerate the response.

Today, on World Aids Day, we want to congratulate the work of our healthcare colleagues and partners working in the field to fight for patients and againts this epidemic.

World Aids Day 20116 Solthis

Sources: UNAIDS report published in November 2016 and MSF report, “le prix de l’oubli” (in French)




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