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Solthis trained 50 doctors and biologists to research methods to conduct a study on HIV resistance to anti-retrovirals

22 September 2016 |  Informations


In the framework of the Grant of the Global Fund and at the request of CNLS, Solthis is coordinating the first investigation in Guinea at a national level on HIV resistance to anti-retrovirals, on compliance to antiretroviral treatment and on viral hepatitis.

This investigation will be starting the 1st of October for 1 year. It will allow to gather information on 460 patients initiating a therapy based on anti-retrovirals in one of the 20 HIV care centers selected all over the country.

The main objectives are to know the frequency of strains of HIV resistant to treatment, to document the patient compliance and the support facilities to compliance available in the centers. This investigation will also allow to evaluate the frequency of co-infection with

Hepatitis A and B viruses.

The first phase goal was to train around 50 doctors and biologists working in the main health centers of the country. The tomorrow researchers have been trained with a participatory methodology based on role plays insisting on the respect for ethics inherent to medical research.

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