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Solthis will be at ICASA 2017 !

Symposium OPP-ERA with simultaneous translation: "how to guarantee the durability of HIV viral load access" on Tuesday December 5th at 7:00

23 November 2017 |  Informations

Fighting HIV / AIDS

The 19th edition of ICASA (International Conference on AIDS and STIs in Africa) will be held from December 4th to 9th 2017 in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. On this occasion, Solthis will share its knowledge and experience especially on the topic of making viral load tests accessible in the framework of the “OPP-ERA” project, a project funded by Unitaid and led by Solthis, lead partner of the OPP-ERA consortium comprising ANRS, Expertise France and Sidaction. Apart from the OPP-ERA project, other topics such as care for HIV-positive adolescents will also be discussed via Solthis’ posters.

Below is a list of Solthis’ complete programmes at ICASA 2017: 

Symposium with ENGLISH SIMULTANEOUS TRANSLATION organized by the OPP-ERA project – Tuesday Décember 5th at 7:00 : “How to guarantee the durability of HIV viral load access?” 

This symposium will take place on Tuesday December 5th from 7:00 to 8:30 in the Balafon romm of the Sofitel Abidjan Hotel Ivoire. Pastries as well as beverages will be served to guarantee a good start of this early-morning symposium !

Oral presentation – Friday December 8th at 14:45 : “FRAE2101 – Elaboration of HIV-1 Viral Load Costing Tool: Application in One Laboratory in Burundi, within the OPP-ERA Project” 

During the session dedicated to health economics “Track E : Health Systems, Economics and Implementation Science” of Friday December I8th from 14:45 to 16:45,  du vendredi 8 décembre de 14h45 à 16h45, health economist of the OPP-ERA project, Dr. Nadia Yakhelef, will do an oral presentation on the HIV viral load costing tool based on its application in a laboratory in Burundi.

Posters of the OPP-ERA project including the one on Guinea elaborated by Solthis

  • Tuesday December 5th : TUPDB063 – : Mise en œuvre d'un plan d'extension de l'accès à la charge virale dans les pays à ressources limitées : cas du projet OPP-ERA en Côte d'Ivoire – Hervé Menan, Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire
  • Thursday December 7th : THPDB011 – Faisabilité de l'accès à la charge virale en routine dans les pays à ressources limitées : cas du centre de prise en charge de recherche et de formation (CePReF) de Yopougon Attié à travers le projet OPP-ERA en Côte d'Ivoire – E Messou, Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire
  • Thursday December 7th : THPDB030 – Réponses immuno-virologiques après 6 mois de traitement antirétroviral chez des patients vivant avec le VIH en Côte d'Ivoire dans un contexte de décentralisation : Projet OPP ERA d'août 2014 à décembre 2016 – Fatoumata Koné, Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire
  • Friday December 8th : FRPDB097 – Stratégies d’Augmentation de la Prescription de la Charge Viralechez les Patients VIH: Expérience du Projet OPP-ERA en Guinée Maurice Sandouno, Conakry, Guinea / Projet OPP-ERA- Solthis est responsable de la mise en œuvre en Guinée
  • Friday December 8th : FRPDC199 – Atteindre 90% de suppression virale en Côte d'Ivoire: rôle de l'éducation thérapeutique dans l'amélioration de l'issu virologique du traitement ARV au centre de prise en charge de recherche et de formation (CePReF) de Yopougon Attié, projet OPP-ERA ANRS 12319 – E Messou, Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire

–> If you wish to learn more about the OPP-ERA project: printed brochures and documents will be available at the ANRS and Expertise France stands at ICASA 2017 

Solthis’ posters on our projects in Niger and Sierra Leone: prisoners health; resilience of health systems; viral hepatitides in children; care of adolescents: 

  • Wednesday December 6th – WEPDD246 – Expérience Pilote d’Amélioration des Conditions de Vie des Détenus au Niger – Roubanatou Abdoulaye-Mamadou, Niamey, Niger
  • Thursday December 7th – THPDE303 – Patients Experiences on Responsiveness of HIV Care in the EMPOWER project of SOLTHISin Sierra Leone – Aina Andremanisa, Freetown, Sierra Leone
  • Thursday December 7th – THPDB031 – Hépatite B et C chez les Enfants Infectés par le VIH, Niamey, NigerEmmanuel Ouedraogo, Niamey, Niger
  • Thursday December 7th – THPDB025 – Etude Initiale sur la Prise en Charge des Adolescents Infectés par le VIH dans les Régions de Niamey et Maradi au Niger – Emmanuel Ouedraogo, Niamey, Niger

–> Solthis will be present at the Plateforme ELSA’s stand at ICASA, comme meet our teams and learn about our TRI-ARV game, a fun game that could be used to train medical and paramedical professionals in HIV/AIDS care.




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