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ATLAS Project : A major innovation to accelerate the achievement of HIV testing global goal by 2020

Knowing one’s HIV status remains an essential step in accessing treatment and putting an end to the epidemic.

30 January 2019 |  Informations, Talking about us


Solthis Sénégal

January 29 in Dakar, Solthis in partnership with Unitaid, The Institute of Research for Development (IRD) and in collaboration with the ministries of health in Senegal, Mali, and Côte d’Ivoire, officially launched the project ATLAS to reduce HIV related morbidity and mortality rates in West Africa through HIV self-testing.


500,000 distributed HIV self-tests will change the game for testing in order to protect the most at risk populations.

Improving access to HIV testing through the distribution of self-tests is an innovative approach to reaching key populations that are not currently targeted but yet are at a greater risk and will also reach areas where the epidemic remains concentrated.

This strategy complements existing testing strategies to reach as many people as possible and will accelerate the achievement of UNAIDS who sets their 90-90-90 target: “By 2020, 90% of people living with HIV know their HIV status (in a region where only 48% of people living with HIV know their status and therefore do not have access to treatment).


A more comprehensive investment strategy to promote HIV testing in Africa

The ATLAS project, currently going on for three and a half years, will not only distribute 500,000 kits for HIV self-testing in Côte d’Ivoire, Mali, and Senegal, but will also lay the groundwork for large-scale deployment of testing strategies by the government and other partners with the support of institutional partners, associations and research.

Download the Press Release from 29/02/2019

Download the project presentation brochure

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