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Card game “The Therapeutic involved”


For active learning and fun of the management of HIV

Solthis offers a card game “The Therapeutic involved” in the form of a box intended for health professionals from developing countries to improve their knowledge of the management of HIV and its control in daily practice. Designed in 2008, this game has been used and tested regularly during the training provided by Solthis teams and their partners on the ground.

Sidaction to support for building Solthis pharmacists, helped edit a customized version of the game as a box of 50 copies.

This set includes:

  • Instructions – Guide for the facilitator / trainer111201115829_visuel_prez
  • Booklet of technical information – Guide to the attention of players / participants
  • 164 cards divided into six categories:
    • ARV molecules
    • Criteria for choosing a protocol
    • Dosages
    • How to take
    • Side Effects
    • Behavior to be

The digital version of this card game is avaiblable on request.


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