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Press Release

29 January 2020


Droits des patients en Guinée - Solthis

End of the PACTES Project – Patients centred treatment and care

Conakry, 29 January 2020 – The project, PACTES, implemented since 2017 to improve the health care of patients living with HIV through testing a care approach centred on the rights and needs of patients in five health facilities in Conakry and the Kankan region, ends today.


“PACTES is a project has enabled care providers, patients and the psychosocial mediator to come together to reflect on the problems of care and to build solutions; for this I am satisfied. Psychosocial mediator at the preparatory workshop for participatory diagnosis – ASFEGMASSI, February 22, 2018.


Structured around dialogue with institutional actors, health structures (directors, caregivers), patients and communities, this project clearly appears as a real innovation in the Guinean health context. Designed and implemented according to a participatory and inclusive approach that takes into account the experience of both patients and caregivers, the project has made it possible to assess the obstacles that hamper access to quality HIV care in Guinea and to propose new solutions: in particular, the implementation of psychosocial support services for patients and the improvement of the caregiver-patient relationship through the training of caregivers. The collaboration of civil society organizations within  inter-associations collective has also made it possible to focus the debate on the rights to quality care for all.


“Now i realize there are a lot of situation that should call us on the importance of psychosocial support of patients” word of a health professional trained bt the project 


The key advances

Appreciated for its synergies with national strategies and the interventions of local and international actors, the project has enabled progress in improving the quality of care in health structures and has thus impacted the lives of the project’s beneficiaries, and has refocused the debate on the right of patients to quality care. More than 100 patients, 100 caregivers and 20 psychosocial mediators participated in the workshops and the continuous inclusive and participatory construction that has made the originality and strength of this project. Among the key advances:

  • Awareness and recognition of the importance of the carer-patient relationship to improve the quality of care, the involvement of patients in care and destigmatization of people living with HIV by health-care staff;
  • Development of access to viral load testing, made possible by the OPP-ERA project, to measure the effectiveness of HIV treatment and adapt them accordingly.
  • Reorganisation of the patient circuit and care with the spacing of appointments for patients with undetectable viral load
  • Integration of the psychosocial support for patients into the care circuit
  • Training and implementation of experienced agents for psychosocial support of patients.
  • Material reinforcement of health structures, capacity strengthening of the health care workers and impulse of a collective dynamic in the care teams.
  • The creation of an inter-associative collective for advocacy gathering guinean patients’ associations which enabled the emergence of a strong community of mobilization in favour of patients’ needs and rights.


This project was co-funded by the French Development Agency (AFD) and by Unitaid throughf the OPP-ERA project for access to viral load testing. The closing ceremony of the project took place on January 29th at 9am at the RIVIERA Hotel in the presence of all the partners.

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