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Healthcare worker-patient relation : central theme of the EMPOWER project’s annual workshop in Sierra Leone

Tailoring healthcare services to actual patients’ needs has become an urgent priority to step up treatment adherence and retention in the care path

15 December 2017


In line with the WHO's agenda for patient-centered healthcare, the annual workshop of the EMPOWER project on “healthcare worker-patient relation” took place from 21st to 23rd of November.

36 healthcare workers coming from different units (HIV clinics, laboratories, labour wards & maternity, ANC, paediatric care, General and Surgical Wards, tuberculosis services, Triage ) participated in this workshop which focused on equiping them with the skills to improve communication with their patients. Not only it consists in teaching the healthcare workers basic knowledge on HIV & TB, but it also includes raising their awareness of stigma & discrimination reduction strategies, basic care package for HIV positive patients, disclosure and patient rights charter.

Along with its partners, Solthis is committed to achieving the 90-90-90 target set by UNAIDS, which can only succeed with the involvement of patients through a constructive dialogue with healthcare workers. Tailoring healthcare services to actual patients' needs has become an urgent priority to step up treatment adherence and retention in the care path.

EMPOWER is cofunded by AFD (Agence française de développement), the City of Paris and the Bettencourt Schueller foundation. It aims to strenghthen the civil society in Sierra Leone and to empower users of the healthcare system for quality, patient-centered care in three districts (Urban West, Rural West, and Port Loko) in Sierra Leone.

Learn more about our project EMPOWER :

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