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« Tri-ARV pursuit » : Solthis created a board game to test and consolidate knowledge of health professionals

Strengthening the task shifting to paramedics to improve decentralized patient management of HIV/AIDS in Niger

10 March 2016 |  Informations


Inspired by Trivial Pursuit, Solthis developed a prototype game whose aim is to test and consolidate essential medical knowledge and pharmaceutical skills.

Such an innovative tool, the « Tri-ARV pursuit », has been conceived as part of a project financed by Sidaction and the Bettencourt-Schueller Foundation (FBS) and is intended to consolidate paramedical professionals’ skills so to improve patient management and put health actors in charge of dispensing antiretroviral medicines (ART). This is a central issue in a context of limited medical resources such as in Niger, specifically in the district hospitals in the Tillaberi and Dosso regions.

The « Tri-ARV pursuit » board game has been conceived and designed by Solthis as part of the CASSIS project to strengthen medical skills by an active learning in order to improve decentralized HIV-positive patients management in Niger.

The first training session took place in Niamey from March 1st to 5th. 23 paramedical professionals from Tillaberi and Doso dostrict hospitals and 2 mentor-doctors took part to the advanced training which has been carried out successfully.

Jeu Tri-ARV_11

Context and Project

In Niger two out of three people need an antiretroviral treatment (ART) but don't have access to it.

Lack of doctors and a weak patient management of HIV/AIDS decentralization are among the major issues precluding ART treatment dispensing. The Minister of Health of Niger launched a delegation of tasks to paramedics (nurses and mid-wifes) program to deal with the critical shortage of health care workers.

CASSIS project is financed by Initiative 5% – implemented by Expertise France and led by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs – and Bettencourt Schueller Foundation (FBS).


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Solthis at AIDS 2018 with the project OPP-ERA

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