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Guinea: What practices do health professionals provide for a better patient care experience?

28 February 2019 |  Informations


February 18 through the 26th, 2019, the PACTES project “Patients-centered care and treatment” launched workshops and exchange groups with healthcare providers to analyze their professional practices to improve HIV care in Guinea and offer a better patient care experience.


“The analysis of practices allows individual and team capacity reinforcement in the sense that it will lead to a discussion of his/her own professional practice in an HIV context. It offers a reflective and active approach that brings out solutions regarding the team's own dynamics and individual relationships with patients “Harouna MAMANE, Project Leader PACTES


Communication: What has been the contribution to the dynamics of the health care team and their relationships with patients? 

Meeting with healthworkers

These workshops were both pedagogical and exchange moments. They brought together reception agents, psychosocial mediators, doctors, nurses, laboratory technicians and pharmacists from the four sites supported by the PACTES project (ASFEGMASSI, Ignace Deen National Hospital, Donka National Hospital, and Matoto Health Center) around the importance of communication and its contribution to the team dynamics and practices involved in improving the caregiver-patient relationship. At the end of these meetings, providers are expected to have a clear understanding of nonviolent communication and its interest for the team and their patients.

In fact, the capacity building of caregivers, mediators and hosts are carried out in a double dimension of team dynamics and individual relationship to the patient. These activities are part of a holistic individual and systemic approach that allows to consider an individual in his/her interactions with his/her environment. Project Manager PACTES. 


A broader vision for a sustainable analysis of professional practices in Guinea 


Meeting with healthworkers -GuineaPACTES projet Team with the Guinean Community of Clinical psychologists (AGPC)

These workshops are part of a broader process in analyzing practices within the PACTES project since August 2018. Beyond the workshops and training that made the analysis of professional practices known, to initiate a process of accession and to list needs & expectations, the approach implemented by the PACTES project also aims to encourage the establishment of sustainable analysis of professional practices by identifying national actors likely to accompany this process.

In addition to improving the caregiver-patient relationship, the professional practice analysis workshops take into account the various constraints faced by caregivers, particularly the difficult working conditions, the limited equipment, relationships within the care teams, etc.


Learn more about the PACTES project 
The Project aims to improve the care and respect of PLHIV’ rights in Guinea by experimenting a patient – centered HIV care  through capacity building of caregivers, promotion of  the patients’ rights in health services.

To support this work, the project has recruited a technical expertise in psycho-sociology and analysis of professional practices that will accompany the caregivers (doctors, nurses, midwives, and pharmacists), the psychosocial mediators and the reception agents, to analyse and improve their professional practices, until December 2019.




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