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Hospital hygiene and protection of health workers in Ebola context: 21 health structures supported in Guinea

27 November 2015 |  Informations


Solthis is conducting in Guinea a project, funded by the INITIATIVE 5% of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development, in order to facilitate the continuity of care in the Ebola context for people living with chronic diseases such as HIV. Solthis works with the GERES (Study Group on the Exposure Risk of Caregivers- Groupe d'Etude sur le Risque d'Exposition des Soignants) on the hospital hygiene and protection of health workers components of this project.

In the front line, health workers are particularly affected by the Ebola virus epidemic. That is why this project provides important measures to strengthen hygiene and infection control in hospitals.

The GERES was commissioned by Solthis as an expert and technical referent to develop assessment tools for the supported health structures, as well as training modules. These modules made to train hygienists' teams, will also allow them to raise awareness and train other professionals.

In 21 health facilities spread across all regions of the country, Solthis' teams conducted assessment missions (number of patients in the active file, number of caregivers, identification of potential partner associations for the search of defaulters in each center, compliance with hygienic measures) and capacity building missions for healthcare professionals regarding interruption of ARV treatments' management and hospital hygiene good practice. Following these assessment missions, trainings – including the management of waste- and material donation and rehabilitation works were carried out according to the specific needs of each health facility.


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