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What are the contributions of the PACTES project in Guinea ?

25 February 2020 |  Informations


PACTES trained not only medical staff but also patients“. Since 2017, the PACTES project, has brought together in Guinea caregivers, patients and psychosocial mediators to identify care problems and propose solutions such as psychosocial support services for patients, reorganization of the care circuit for patients and the improvement of the healthcare workers-patient relationship.  During the closing workshop of project in Conakry on the 29th february, we met 4 participants in the project who gave their experience feedback of the projects achievements.

Dr. Ciré – ARV prescribing doctor

The PACTES project  improved the healthworker-patient relationship and has completely reorganized the healthcare system. We held discussion workshops, developed better listening to patients, and created a relationship of mutual trust. As the name of the project  itself “Patient-centered treatment and care”, our attention must be focused on the patients, their rights and our duties towards them.

Keira Mamadi – Monitoring & Evaluation Manager at ASFEGMASSI & Secretary of the  Civil Society Organisations’ collective for the Defense of Patients’ Rights

The project established a dynamic of collective action between Guinean Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), in particular with the establishment of a concertation framework to improve the care of PLHIV. It is thanks to this structuring of the collective that an advocacy plan has been carried out with civil society but also with the government, and that the legal and administrative environment has been strengthened.

Aboubacar Cissé – In charge of psychosocial support at ASFEGMASSI and national trainer in PSA

The project has placed communication at the centre of the patient management system. By reinforcing the capabilities of both caregivers and patients. For the staff, this involves specific training, using effective communication tools (focus groups) and providing offices that respect the patient’s privacy (compartmentalized offices). This allowed to establish a trust relationship between the patient and the healthworker and a better involvement of the patients in their own treatment.

Guilavogui Faromo –  PNLSH Head care unity manager

Through its various dimensions, the project has led to a real transformation of professional practices in caring for PLHIV. By introducing dialogue and better listening between caregiver, patient and psyschosocial mediator, it has been possible to improve patient monitoring and reduce the number of patientswho abandon care. Step by step, by training medical staff, who themselves transmitted new practices in the community, everyone’s capacities were strengthened and today we can see the development of better quality care for patients.

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