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PACTES: Patient-centered treatment and care approach


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In Guinea, the coverage of the needs of people living with HIV is low, reflecting in particular the low quality of care . Several factors explain this finding: organization of CEP not adapted to patients' needs, access to essential examination for limited viral load, psychosocial support for non-functional patients and a relationship between caregivers and patients characterized by poor listening and stigmatizing behaviours. Faced with these needs, Guinean civil society is struggling to defend patients' rights.

The PACTES project aims to experiment a patient-centred care. To this end, new HIV care models are being tested, in particular through access to viral load testing, reorganisation of care, introducing psychosocial support and a better caregiver-patient relationship. In addition, support for patient communities makes it possible to create necessary conditions for the ceation of a strong community mobilization in favour of access to better quality care and respect for users' rights.

Key information
Start date: January 2017
Duration: 3 years
Intervention area: Guinea (Conakry and Kankan)
Budget: 1 734 745€
Source of funding: AFD (€849,837, or 50% of the total budget)

  • REGAP+, the main HIV postives network in Guinea.
  • FEG (Fondation Espoir Guinée), HIV patients' association, member of REGAP+.
  • FMG (Fraternité Médicale Guinée), a medical association, pioneer of new approaches to care.


  • Community actors working in the targeted health centres (psychosocial mediators) and members of = REGAP+ and FEG, who are both beneficiaries and actors of the project,
  • People living with HIV who will be directly involved in the development of psychosocial support tools (PSA)
  • medical teams of 5 care sites : Donka National Hospital, Ignace Deen National Hospital, Matoto Health Centre, ASFEGMASSI community care centre, Kankan Regional Hospital
  • laboratory technicians reinforced for Viral load testing

The indirect beneficiaries of the project are patients under ARV treatment enrolled in the care sites targeted by the project (a total of 10,476 people)


The project was launched to improve HIV care and promote the rights of people living with HIV in Guinea. The project experiments a patient-centred care approach, through :

  • Training health workers for HIV quality care improvement and management, reorganisation of patients’ appointments management, integration of psychosocial support into the patient's medical circuit.
  • Awareness-raising workshops for health workers, psychosocial mediators and reception workers on the relationship with patients
  • Setting up a sampling and results reporting circuit for HIV viral load testing
  • Strengthening laboratories and the use of viral load testing in the patient care
  • Establishment a community network to develop an advocacy plan, train community actors in advocacy techniques to improve the quality of HIV care in Guinea
  • Diagnosis, monitoring and evaluation of evolution in HIV care organization, in the users and health workers’ experience.


Expected results

  • The experience of patients and health workers is improved in terms of the organisation of HIV care, care relationships and psychosocial support in the 5 sites enrolled in the project
  • Associations are strengthened to defend the rights of 122,900 PLHIV in Guinea to improve their quality care, including access to viral load testing
  • Access to viral load testing and its use in patient follow-up is improved for the 10,476 PLHIV
  • Healthcare teams adhere to the patient-centred approach and adopt a less stigmatizing and less self-righteous attitude
  • PLHIV are participating in the project's empowerment activities and have a better knowledge of their rights and better psychosocial skills to defend their rights.


N.B: Phase one of the project ends in January 2020 and the second phase of the project starts in February 2020 for 3 years under the name RUCHE: Bringing users to the center of the fight against HIV . The note of the 2nd phase and the results of the 1st phase will be soon available online.

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