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Promotion de la santé



For 19 years, Solthis has been providing expertise in global health in two major areas: infectious and emerging diseases; and sexual and reproductive rights and health and child health. Following a health promotion approach, we have developed a multidisciplinary expertise :


  • on one hand, in strengthening health systems to improve health services along the entire care pathway, covering promotion, prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and the long-term monitoring of patients, while taking into account all the needs of patients, whether clinical and biological, cognitive, psycho-social, or emotional, in order to achieve the best health results, but also to ensure the commitment and empowerment of patients.
  • and on the other hand, by strengthening civil society organizations and individuals to enable them to define their own needs and promote their role in the definition of services through their feedback or their involvement in the management and governance.


We provide this expertise to ministries, health professionals, patient networks, communities, civil society and populations, always with a view to non-substitution.  Thus, Solthis deploys its expertise on several levels as illustrated below.


Health promotion at Solthis

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