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Scaling up innovative health interventions

28 April 2022

Monitoring & Evaluation

Replays - passage à l'échelle des projets en santé

Watch the replays of the 4 sessions of the day (in french)   A look back at the discussion day "From pilot project to generalization of a health innovation, the delicate art of scaling up", organized on the 4th of April by Solthis in partnership with the AFD to discuss the challenges of scaling up and sustaining pilot projects in health so that more people can benefit from the innovation. More than 400 of you attended the workshop, in more than 25 countries, either face-to-face or... Read more

Empowering patients and health care workers for comprehensive and effective HIV care

21 September 2021

SIERRA LEONECommunity mobilisation and health promotionHIV / AIDS

HIV health care in Sierra Leone

The project “Empowerment of users for improved quality treatment of HIV care in Sierra Leone”, also called the Empower Project, kicked off in early 2016 with the financial support of the French Developement Agency (AFD), the Sierra Leone Health Ministry, the Paris City Council, foundations and private donators. Its 1st phase allowed Solthis to bring together Patients and Health Care Workers to engage in a constructive dialogue and capacity building process, which has resulted in breaking... Read more

Portrait: our citizens in solidarity

22 July 2021


  « True universal access to free HIV viral load testing cannot be achieved without strengthening health services and systems at all levels and through strong political commitment. »   Emilande Guichet is part of our network of experts regularly mobilised on our solidarity consultancies. She joined Solthis in 2017 as a Laboratory Advisor - Virology within the OPP-ERA project, where for 3 years she was in charge of the installation of molecular biology laboratories for the... Read more

120 health professionals trained in the use of pulse oximeters in Niger

19 July 2021


  In Niger, the AIRE project launched in June a series of training sessions for health workers in the use of the pulse oximeter (PO) in the Integrated Management of Childhood Illness (IMCI), an essential tool for the diagnosis of low blood oxygen levels, which is one of the main causes of death in children suffering from respiratory infections. This diagnostic tool will increase the chances of survival for more than 10,000 under-five children in Niger who are too often... Read more

A new step for the TB-speed project in Sierra Leone

15 February 2021


Réunion à l'hopital gouvernemental de Bo

    After a slowdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, TB-SPEED project activities are resuming in Sierra Leone. Implemented in 2 Districts in Sierra Leone: Bo and Porto Loko, the TB-speed project aims to strengthen pediatric tuberculosis services in Sierra Leone by evaluating innovative and cost-effective TB diagnostic approaches for resource-limited settings . Indeed, a majority of children with TB are not diagnosed/not reported and do not benefit from appropriate treatment. This... Read more

COVID-19: Civil society engagement in Guinea

30 December 2020


Our series of testimonies on continuity of care during the health crisis continues. Civil society organisations (CSOs) are key actors in the response to this crisis. Here we give the floor to Aminata Soumaoro, president of the Collectif inter-associatif pour le plaidoyer et la promotion des droits des patient-e-s, present throughout Guinea and supported by the RUCHE project.     How, as a collective, have you organised yourself to maintain your services during the... Read more

Sierra Leone: Ensuring access to care despite crises

23 December 2020


Fighting against COVID-19 means dealing with its multiple consequences on access to care. Testimony of Kadijah Bangura, HIV In-Charge of the Children's reference hospital ODCH in Freetown.     Since the beginning of the pandemic, which populations have been particularly vulnerable in Sierra Leone? I have been particularly concerned about the situation of children affected by HIV/AIDS, especially orphans and all those unable to access treatment on their own. Due to the... Read more

Niger – Facing the challenges of the COVID-19 crisis

16 December 2020


  While the health crisis has not led to a complete interruption of care, it has highlighted the fragility of Niger's health systems. Remarks made by Yacouba Nouhou, infectiologist and medical coordinator of the COVID-19 adaptation project of the Niamey RHC in Niger.   How has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted your work? From the first case of COVID, panic gripped some patients. Many, even some caregivers, were unaware of the disease. It was particularly difficult at the... Read more

Guinea – Ensuring continuity of care in times of COVID-19

10 December 2020


  The pandemic has hit our teams in the field hard and considerably complicated the care of the most vulnerable, in particular people living with HIV/AIDS. The testimony of Ibrahima Diallo, a doctor and coordinator of outpatient treatment services at the Ignace Deen hospital in Conakry.   The COVID-19 pandemic has led to disruptions in health services in Africa. What was the service most affected by the pandemic in your country? In our centre, since March, 430 patients have... Read more

Portrait – Camille Estevenin and solidarity consultancy

30 November 2020


Camille Estevenin is currently Technical Assistance Manager at Solthis, in the Technical Department. This is an opportunity to look back over her career, but also to look at a practice, technical assistance, which is part of Solthis' DNA.   Could you briefly introduce yourself? I joined Solthis in 2019, as a trainee in the Operations Department after several experiences in specialised design offices in France and abroad. I was then in charge of supporting project development... Read more

The voice of adolescents, a promising future for sexual and reproductive health promotion

9 October 2020

NIGERADVOCACYCommunity mobilisation and health promotionSexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

Leyla Adoum, 23 years old, lives in the Balafon district of Niamey. As part of the implementation of the first phase of the (JADES) project, she was identified in 2016 as a peer educator to lead the activities within her school for her peers, boys and girls. Since the age of 20, Leyla has been interested in the difficulties that young people, particularly girls, face in the area of adolescent sexual and reproductive health in Niamey. Today, thanks to the activities of the second phase of the... Read more

Niger – hope for young people’s sexual and reproductive health

8 October 2020


In Niger, as in most Sahelian countries, young people, particularly girls and young women, face enormous difficulties in accessing sexual and reproductive health (SRH) information and services. The Project JADES 2 has been working in Niger since 2016 to strengthen and promote sexual and reproductive health and rights for young people. After more than a year of implementation of the second phase of the project, which started in 2019, let's take a look to the changes that have taken place in the... Read more




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