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Launch of the projects ATLAS and MTV Shuga Babi in Côte d’Ivoire

13 May 2019 |  , ,


Abidjan : Lancement du Projet ATLAS et MTV Shuga Babi

Abidjan, May 7th 2019 Supported and funded by Unitaid, the ATLAS and MTV Shuga: Babi projects officially launched today in Abidjan. MTV Shuga: Babi is a TV show and multimedia campaign aimed at raising awareness of HIV/AIDS among young people in French-speaking Africa. The ATLAS project will provide HIV self-testing kits in Ivory Coast.   ATLAS and MTV Shuga Babi are both supported by Unitaid and are two complementary projects in the fight against HIV/AIDS, with a particular focus... Read more

UNITAID extends OPP-ERA viral-load access initiative in Western and Central Africa for three years, implemented by a consortium of French partners: the ANRS, Expertise France, Sidaction and Solthis

2 September 2016


Official signing of OPP-ERA phase II in Solthis headquarters on September 1st 2016. Left to right : Claire Rekacewicz (ANRS), Lelio MARMORA UNITAID's Executive Director, Pr Christine Rouzioux, Arnaud Laurent (Expertise France), François Duprès (Sidaction) and Louis Pizarro (Solthis) UNITAID extends OPP-ERA viral-load access initiative in Western and Central Africa for three years GENEVA, PARIS- 1 September 2016 - UNITAID today committed a further US$ 14.7 million to the OPP-ERA project, a... Read more

Press Release CSUD : Ebola, the healthcare chain is broken

30 September 2014


Read (in French) the Press Release from the French NGO Platform Coordination Sud   Paris, le 30 septembre 2014 – A la suite de la réunion de haut niveau des Nations unies du 25 septembre dernier, et deux jours après le déploiement en Afrique de l'Ouest de la mission des Nations unies pour la lutte contre Ebola, les ONG de Santé de Coordination SUD restent vigilantes à la concrétisation des engagements pour que soient mis en œuvre des moyens logistiques et humains à la... Read more

Ebola virus outbreak: continuity of care at risk

12 September 2014


While the Ebola virus outbreak spreads in West Africa, where Solthis has operated for more than 10 years, we draw the attention of the international community to the catastrophic consequences of this crisis on health systems. Access to care and continuity of treatment for other pathologies are in serious threat. This crisis disrupts health services and severely impacts the conditions of access to care for all populations. Our field staff can attest to the reality of the impact in many... Read more

Reject ACTA ! Save people living with AIDS !

2 July 2012 |  , ,


After four years of secret negociations on the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) by the European Commission, the EU Parliament will finally be able to take position and vote on the agreement that threatens acces to medicine for milions of people living with HIV all over the world. ACTA establishes a confusion between legitimate generics and counterfeit medicines and  allows their seizure and destruction. It will jeopardize the arrival of cheap generic drugs and hinder the access to... Read more

Zero deaths and new infections with Zero Zero Financing?

20 December 2011 |  , , ,


ADDIS ABABA, Dec. 7. The Francophone associations to fight against AIDS, gathered from 4 to 8 December 2011 on the sidelines of the 16th International Conference on AIDS (ICASA) in Addis Ababa, are concerned about risks to the financing of the fight against the epidemic. They propose a series of measures to take the international commitment to double the number of people infected with HIV on treatment by 2015 commitment made ​​by UN member states in June 2011. Today, we all know that... Read more

G8: The stakes are vital, high expectations

25 June 2011


Friday, June 25 - Press Associations Act-Up, Support, Sidaction + Coalition, Solidarity and AIDS Solthis. Yesterday, Nicolas Sarkozy should have received the representatives of French NGOs invested in the development field. Alas, this highly anticipated appointment was canceled by the Elysée because of the priority given by the President to meet with footballer Thierry Henry. On the eve of his departure for the G8 summit being held this year in Canada, the associations would have liked... Read more

India Free Trade Agreements – EU Counter patients: no agreements?

20 March 2011


Act-Up, Support, Coalition +, Sidaction, Solidarité Sida Solthis and ask the French government to urgently render accounts on agreements négocié. A free trade agreement is negotiated for two years between the EU and India. One provision of this agreement is intended to tighten the conditions of production and export of pharmaceuticals, including those for the fight against HIV. The stakes are high because India is the pharmacy of the poor who have, themselves, alternatives to buying cheap... Read more

Sarkozy moves to Africa to plunder but remains unmoved for treatment?

30 March 2009


Tomorrow and tomorrow, 27 and 28 March 2009, Nicolas Sarkozy will fly to Africa! He will in effect 48 hours of official visits in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Congo - Brazzaville and Niger. We, associations fighting against AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria, Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo, Niger and France, deplore the themes of displacement where so many promises remain vital to keep: France would she decided to turn their backs on 25 million deaths from AIDS? Read more



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