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The 1 December 2015

World AIDS Day

As of June 2015: 15.8 million people living with HIV were accessing antiretroviral therapy, huge progress but still

  • 59% of all adults living with HIV were NOT accessing treatment in 2014  (ART coverage rate 41%)
  • 68% of all children living with HIV were NOT accessing treatment in 2014 (ART coverage rate 32%)
  • 1 out of 4 pregnant women living with HIV had NOT access to antiretroviral medicines to prevent transmission of HIV to their babies in 2014 (ART coverage rate 73%)

Worldwide, 2 million people became newly infected with HIV in 2014 including 1.4 million o in sub-Saharan Africa, among which + 10% are children (190 000 new HIV infections among children in sub-Saharan Africa in 2014)

36.9 million people globally were living with HIV including 25,8 million in sub-Saharan Africa

1.2 million people died from AIDS-related illnesses (end 2014)
Figures from UNAIDS global report

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