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In 2006, Solthis was approached by Madagascar's Ministry of Health and the CNLS (National AIDS Prevention Committee) to improve access to antiretroviral treatments for all populations. Until 2013, Solthis assisted in keeping the country's HIV prevalence rate low.

Dépistage mobile à Sadjoavato, Province Nord de Madagascar2

Solthis' operational context in Madagascar

Solthis has been active in Madagascar since 2006.

After signing an agreement with the Ministry of Health and the CNLS (National AIDS Prevention Committee), Solthis helped to scale up access to antiretrovirals and assisted in keeping the HIV prevalence rate low.

2006-2009: Implementation of measures to keep the country's prevalence rate low by helping to provide a better understanding of the epidemiological situation and preparing for its evolution given the number of existing risk factors.

2009-2013: Introduction of remote collaboration with national partners. Under its agreement with the National Reference Laboratory (LNR) of Madagascar and the Virology Laboratory at the Necker University Hospital in Paris, Solthis conducted viral and epidemiological studies to evaluate drug resistance to antiretrovirals and help provide a better understanding of the epidemic.

Started: 2006

Ended: 2013

Partners: Ministry of Health, CNLS (National AIDS Prevention Committee), and LNR (National Reference Laboratory)

Areas of operation: Antananarivo and North Province (regions of Diana and Sava), the Menabe region (Morondava), the southwest regions (Tuléar), Boeny (Majunga), Est (Tamatave), Analanjirofo (Fénérive and Sainte Marie), and Anosy (Fort-Dauphin)

Focus of operations: HIV/AIDS


Highlights of Solthis operations in Madagascar

Support for improved therapeutic care

  • Technical assistance for updating national treatment recommendations
  • Support for the National Reference Laboratory for setting up the viral load
  • Training for physicians on handling failed treatments
  • Field diagnosis and post-training follow-up

Supply management support

  • Methodological support for measuring antiretroviral needs
  • Development of a tool specifically for measuring antiretroviral needs in Madagascar
  • Consolidation of antiretroviral measurements and improved capacity for using the tool developed by Solthis
  • Evaluation of the healthcare product supply system for HIV/AIDS prevention

Virological studies

  • Analysis of samples to supplement the national assessment of primary resistance
  • Analysis of samples from the 2010 biological and behavioral survey of men who have had sexual intercourse with men
  • Compilation of a viral and epidemiological database



Country action




Health priority

Fighting HIV / AIDSFighting tuberculosisInfectious and emerging diseases

Associated contents

Francophone Conference – Casablanca, march 2010

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Corrélation entre les activités d'éducation thérapeutiques (ETP) et l'échappement virologique au Niger : Les activités d'ETP sont-elles favorables au succès virologique ? Autor(s) : H.Baoua, M. Naba Fati, I.Amy, F.Maïga, M.Saidou, G.Lurton, S.Diallo, E.Guillard, F.Huber., L.Pizarro Download the poster   Création d'un outil permettant de visualiser simplement la couverture des besoins en ARV dans un contexte d'extension de la prise en charge Autor(s) : E. Guillard, X. Paris, S. Ouvrard, M. Diallo, L. Pizarro Download the poster   Première évaluation nationale de la réponse virologique aux antirétroviraux à Madagascar Autor(s) : S. Andriantsimietry, F. Lamontagne, M. Randria, J. Nely, S. Randriamampionona, VJ. Soanomena, WR Lehimena, JN Andriambelo, F. Huber, L.R. Razanakolana Download the poster   "Effet-centre" et fidélisation du patient infecté par le VIH dans le circuit de soin. Expérience de 2 pays Ouest-africains Autor(s) : F. Huber, A. Akondé, G. Lurton, I. Kamaye, AB. Dicko, S. Diallo, S. Tchiombiano, N. Daries, P. Teisseire, L. Pizarro Download the poster

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XVth ICASA – Dakar, December 2008

2008 |  Posters


HIV/AIDS care and follow-up on a national scale in low resource settings: experience of the Niger Initiative on Antiretroviral Access (INAARV), Niger Author(s) : M. Ide, Y. Madec, M. Boubacar, E. Adehossi, C. Dezé, GM. Lawal, O. Amadou, S. Diallo, C. Pizzocolo, IA. Touré, S. Mamadou, C. Katlama and the National Technical Committee Download the presentation   Pilot cell comprehensive care: a multidisciplinary service orientation and listening PHAs, Niger Author(s) : A. Alzouma, C. Dezé, B. Sabo, M. Bako, S. Maman, I. Mourtala, M. Goundara, F. Djermakoye, M. Ide, F. Aeberhard Download the presentation   The impact of prior recourse to traditional medicine on the out-of-pocket expenditure of HIV/AIDS patients in Niger Author(s): S. Walker, S. Tchiombiano, A. Maiga, R. Hassane, M. Idé, AH. Souna, V. Bignon, O. Weil, L. Pizarro Download the presentation   Incidence and risk factor for tuberculosis (TB) in HIV patients on ART, Niger Author(s): A. Foucher, Y. Madec, S. Diallo, Z. Thiousso, I. Dillé, S. Gambo, HA. Souna, A. Oumarou, A. Manou, GM. Laoual, Al. Touré, C. Pizzocolo, L. Pizarro, A. Fontanet Download the presentation   Decentralized access to triple therapy and viral load monitoring in West Africa (Mali) Author(s) : A. Akondé, Y. Madec, AB. Dicko, I. Haidarra, I. Katile, B. Diarra, M. Kye, A. Doumbia, C. Pizzocolo, C. Katlama and the Segou Medical Technical Committee Download the presentation   A method of HAART decentralization in rural areas: Solthis' experience in Segou (Mali) Author(s) : P. Teisseire, A. Akondé, C. Pizzocolo, S. Calmettes, S. Dalglish, N. Bodo, L. Pizarro Download the presentation   Prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV (PMTCT) in a rural setting : the experience of the Segou region in Mali Author(s) : CD. Traoré, A.akondé, T. Samake, T. Traoré, Y. Coulibaly, O. Coulibaly, A. Sidibé, D. Germanaud, Z. Traoré, A. Maiga, AG. Marcelin, C. Pizzocolo, C. Katlama and the Segou Medical Technical Committee Download the presentation   Appraisal of treatment modification in HIV patient follow-up in the region of Segou (Mali) Author(s) : J. Landier, A. Akondé, C. Pizzocolo, I. Haidara, M. Drabo, L. Pizarro, A. Fontanet, C. Katlama, Y. Madec Download the presentation   Etude virologique chez des sujets VIH-1 suivis à Madagascar Author(s) : F. Lamontagne, S. Andriantsimietry, ML. Chaix, JP. Viard, M. Randria, J. Nely, S. Randriamampionona, C. Aguilar, S. Royer, C. Pizzocolo, LR. Razanakolona, C. Rouzioux Download the presentation

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