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20 June 2017 |  Newsletters

Actu santé Mondiale : nos info santé Mali, Niger , Sierra Leone, Guinée

Our latest Global Health News form Mali,Niger, Guinea, Sierra Leone

Find here our latest global health news  from  Mali, Niger, Guinea, Sierra Leone.

Newsletter – April 2017

7 April 2017 |  Newsletters

Please find our latest newsletter with a special focus on  “ Update of HIV-infected patients cohort key figures in Chad” and other news from the field

Newsletter Solthis – Greetings 2017

19 January 2017

2017greetings ENPlease read our CEO greetings for 2017 “an international solidarity is necessary more than ever!”

Newsletter July 2016

29 July 2016

In this July issue : Solthis at the 2016 AIDS conference, our empower project in Sierra Leone, job offers, our 2015 Activity Report and our last scientific Letter available in English and (re)discover our animated movie “what if we stopped waiting for a crisis and start acting now ?”

Read the English version

Read it in French



Activity Report 2015

26 July 2016 |  Activity Reports

Download: Solthis Activity Report 2015Capture first page

Solthis Newsletter n°17 2016

22 July 2016 |  Solthis' Letter

This is an excerpt of our Scientific Letter N° 17 – Published in French in april 2016 for the Afravih Conference.

We have translated from the French version 4 articles that you’ll find in this Newsletter in English :

  •  Pre-exposure prophylaxis: when will we achieve equality for young women?
  • Operational research in Guinea: Diavina and Tivina projects
  • Digital technologies applied to health in countries with limited resources
  • The Ebola crisis: the work by Solthis in Guinea and Sierra Leone

Download Sothis Scientific Newsletter 2016



Newsletter May-June 2016

24 June 2016 |  Newsletters

In this newsletter check out our animated movie, our activity report and our job offers. And join our poll of experts. We are hiring for 3 jobs and looking for 6 experts

Read this newsletter 

Read it in French

Newsletter March-April 2016

15 April 2016

Check out our newsletter :

  • Solthis at the AFRAVIH Conference
  • The last issue of our scientific Newsletter
  • News from the field : kick-off workshop our project JADES in Niger / More than 5000 patients under ARTs have benefited of a viral load in Guinea thanks to the OPP-ERA project / Solthis created a borad game, the TRi-ARV pursuit

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Newsletter january-february 2016

26 February 2016 |  Newsletters

Read the newsletter in english

Read the newsletter in french

Newsletter november-december 2015

4 December 2015 |  Newsletters

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Read the newsletter in french


Release of Solthis’ latest report: “Managing Risk in Fragile States: Putting Health First! Optimising the Efficiency of the Global Fund's Grants”

19 November 2015

“Managing Risk in Fragile States: Putting Health First!

Optimising the Efficiency of the Global Fund's Grants”

While the 32nd Global Fund Board Meeting will be held on November 20-21, we would like to share with you the recommendations formulated in this report.

This evidence-based report is the result of a work over several months, including 4 missions (Guinea, Mali, Niger and Sierra Leone) and interviews with 140 stakeholders. Through this work, we identified bottlenecks in the implementation of the Global Fund's grants in the field, showing that the Global Fund's Risk Management Policy is not well-adapted to fragile states. The additional safeguard measures which have been put in place by the Secretariat after the investigations of the Office of the Inspector General were meant to mitigate the financial risks and to reassure donors. However, experiences in challenging operating environments clearly show that these measures are mainly focused on financial risks and have caused significant malfunctions that jeopardise both the impact and the sustainability of the programmes.

In order to make progress and to cope with the challenges specific to fragile states, we think it is now time for the Board members and the donors of the Global Fund to opt for an ambitious and innovative policy, which would put financial risk at its proper place: behind risks to public health.

The main recommendations we are addressing in the report aim to place the public health risk at the centre of the mechanism, by:

  • Improving the balance between the analysis and the management of the different risks.
  • Simplifying and clarifying the control procedures: limit the number of contractors and the levels of validation.
  • Defining indicators or objectives for terminating additional safeguard measures to encourage appropriation and capacity building.
  • Investigating the possibility of an increased presence of the Global Fund in the field, by missions of several weeks or several months.
  • Adapting the indicators and procedures of performance-based funding and accountability measures to fragile states.

Full version of the report in English here

You can also read our 4-pages booklet here

The article of Altermondes dedicated to this topic and the interview of the author Hélène Roger

CASSIS project booklet

30 October 2015 |  Projects brochures

Download the CASSIS project booklet

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