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Organisational and operational diagnosis of civil society organisations in Guinea as part of the SOFIA programme

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Context :

The Structuring Civil Society Organisations: Financing, Impact and Accompaniment (SOFIA) programme is the Initiative’s new fund dedicated to civil society organisations (CSOs). Integrated into the “Accelerator” modality, it complements the Initiative’s existing support. It is aimed at medium-sized organisations that are active in the fight against HIV, malaria and tuberculosis and/or in strengthening health systems and/or access to health for key populations, including sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR).

General objective :

To support the SOFIA mechanism in carrying out initial diagnostics (on organisational and operational issues) with three civil society organisations in Guinea that have been shortlisted to be part of the mechanism.

Specific objective:

  • SO1: Support the organisations selected by the SOFIA scheme in identifying their difficulties and capacity-building needs, and in setting up the requested grant.
  • SO2: Establish a baseline (reference document) enabling the progress of the selected organisations to be assessed over the course of the programme.


  • R1: The diagnostics of the three CSOs that will benefit from the support are available.
  • R2: The technical assistance/capacity-building plans for the three CSOs are available.
  • R3: The diagnostics and technical assistance/capacity-building plans are validated collectively and the three CSOs have taken ownership of the results.
  • R4: Make proposals for revising the descriptions of the use of the grant awarded by the SOFIA mechanism, in agreement with the beneficiary CSOs. The budget will be negotiated between the CSOs and the SOFIA team.
Dates (start/end) 11/2023 – 02/2024
Source of funding SOFIA scheme – L’initiative
Recipient Name
  • House of Democracy and Human Rights (french : M2DH)
  • World of Humanists (french : MDH)
  • Health Hope Life (french : SEV)
Country Guinea

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