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Support for the drafting of the procedures handbook and the strategic plan of PANEPAT (Platform of Non-State Actors for the Fight against Pandemics in Chad)

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PANEPAT is a grouping of civil society organizations/associations whose goal is to promote access to health for the population in the respect of a global vision of health. PANEPAT’s focus is on the fight against pandemics such as HIV-AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria and COVID-19 as well as the promotion of the right to health, human rights and gender equality, including the fight against gender-based violence (GBV).  

PANEPAT will develop a local response approach to community interventions by strengthening and supporting local actors (Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and Community Health Workers (CHWs)) to promote community ownership of health programs and projects in Chad.  

In this regard, PANEPAT must develop an Administrative, Accounting and Financial Procedures Handbook and a Civil Society Organizations Community Health Strategic Plan for the period 2022-2024.  

Indeed, PANEPAT is required to equip itself with reference tools to strengthen its institutional and legal capacities likely to enable it to exist as an autonomous entity and subject of law. The Handbook of administrative, accounting and financial procedures of PANEPAT will be “a document in the form of clear and precise instructions containing all the current operations” of this associative platform.  

The CSO Community Health Strategic Plan will be a combination of a community approach handbook, the priority actions of the Community Health Strategic Plan 2021-2025 and the key interventions of the community component of the various national strategic plans, particularly for the fight against HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria and Covid-19. 


Duration Mai 2022 – August 2022
Source of funding Channel 1 of the Initiative (Expertise France)
Beneficiary PANEPAT (Platform of Non-State Actors for the Fight against Pandemics in Chad)
Total amount of the project 71 620 €
Country Chad


Overall Mission Objective: To support the development of the two documents: 

– the Administrative, Accounting and Financial Procedures Manual 

– CSO Community Health Strategic Plan 2022-2024 

 Specific objective(s) 

a- Administrative, accounting and financial procedures handbook : 

  • Support the development of a harmonized procedures manual that is more in line with the procedures of the technical and financial partners (TFPs), the current legislation in the country and internationally accepted standards in financial management, as well as the formulation of risk management plans  
  • Train the national program teams to ensure proper ownership and mastery of the new harmonized procedures manual 
  • Organize a training workshop and validation of the harmonized procedures handbook and the risk management plan 

b- CSO Community Health Strategic Plan 2022-2024: 

  • Support PANEPAT in conducting the situational analysis and preliminary document review: analysis of the current situation of the HIV, tuberculosis and malaria epidemic in Chad, analysis of national plans, study of the community health system response in Chad, identification of strategic challenges for PANEPAT in the national response to the three diseases and bottlenecks, definition of opportunities and perspectives in terms of strategic orientation 
  • Train PANEPAT members on the key concepts included in the strategic plan in order to allow a qualitative participation of the platform members and to create a consensus around the objectives of the strategic plan 
  • Support PANEPAT in the development and validation of its strategic plan: action plan, timeline, SMART indicator matrix to measure the achievement of expected results, budget, resource mobilization plan, monitoring and evaluation plan to measure the achievement of expected results


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