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Building the capacity of paramedics to improve the decentralised HIV/AIDS treatment in Niger



The prevalence rate of HIV among 15 to 49 year olds in Niger is 0.4%. It is higher in urban areas (0.8%) than in rural areas (0.2%),  although there is some variety depending on the region, with Niamey having the highest rate (1.1%). It is estimated that only 28% receive the necessary antiretroviral treatments, which makes the aim of decentralisation and improved detection of HIV/AIDS a tall task, in terms of human resources, particularly medical, given the shortage of personnel. This problem underlines the importance of delegating tasks to paramedics, nurses and midwives in order to guarantee the continued treatment of HIV-positive people, as was expected in the official programme introduced by ULSS (Unità Locale Socio Sanitaria, an Italian HIV/AIDS organisation). Given their proximity to the capital, Niamey, the regions of Tillabéri and Dosso are of strategic importance to the decentralisation in order to decongest the hospitals in Niamey by being able to treat patients and continue observe them in these regions.


Start date: May 2015

Project area: Régions de Dosso et Tillabéri au Niger

Budget : €58,836

Financial sources: Sidaction, Initiative 5%

Beneficiaries: ULSS and the Regional Health Directorate of Dosso and Tillabéri



Strengthen the capacity of paramedics in district hospitals in the regions of Tillabéri and Dosso in order to improve the treatment of HIV/AIDS within the framework of this decentralisation.



  • 10-day training courses for paramedics in comprehensive care and prescribing antiretroviral medication to adults and children at prescribing locations in Niamey
  • 5-day practical work experiences in comprehensive care and prescribing antiretroviral medication to adults and children at prescribing locations in Niamey
  • The development of a training course focused on the specific skills for nurses concerning patient care
  • The development and creation of the pedagogical game “Trivial ARV” which evaluates and consolidates the learner's knowledge
  • 2-day re-training courses for 40 paramedics in comprehensive care and prescribing antiretroviral medication for adults and children, with a particular focus on of carer-patient relations
  • Post-training follow-up and monitoring




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