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Chad : Technical support to update key figures of HIV-infected patients cohort under ARV treatment



Under the strengthening process of the chadian HIV data management system, Solthis was requested to support the Chadian ministry of Public Health in updating the number of HIV-infected patients cohort under ARV treatment, a key indicator to quantify medical inputs and to plan human and financial resources of the National HIV Program.


  • Period : 28/12/2015 – 31/12/2016
  • Recipient  : Ministry of Public Health
  • Funding source: Initiative 5%, indirect French contribution to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (FM), led by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development (MAEDI) and implemented by Expertise France.
  • Partner : This technical assistance was  implemented by Solthis, in collaboration with the consulting firm TeAM.



The main objective of the mission was to estimate the cohort of HIV infected-patients under ARV treatment and other various monitoring  indicators of the cohort :

  • quantify, describe profiles and indicators of HIV-positive patients under medication
  • assess the performance of the National HIV data management system and make recommendations for its improvement.



Phase 1 :  Methodology Development of the study

  • Diagnosis of the national HIV data  management system
  • Development of the study protocol.
  • Development of data collection instruments


Phase 2: Data collection and classification

  • Development of training  tools and training of the staff involved in data collection
  • Coordination of data collection in the 9O functional  HIV care centers of the country.
  • Supervision of data classification


Phase 3 : Data  analysis and interpretation

  • Data analysis
  • Report drafting of the  study results and recommendations
  • Action plan development for continuous strengthening of the national HIV data management system.
  • Results publication: organization of a workshop to present results of the study to national, technical and financial partners, and contribute to scientific data valorization.



This study provided an accurate estimate of  the HIV-Positive patients  cohort under medication, and other  monitoring key indicators of the cohort. The results will help to assess the progress made in decentralizing HIV care and to identify new strategies to overcome barriers to retention in HIV care.

This technical assistance enabled to :

  • quantify HIV-positive patients cohort under medication, within each HIV Healthcare center and per therapeutic categories; to develop verification criteria by comparing  results of the study and existing indicators  reported by HIV care centers to the National HIV Program
  • describe clinical and biological profile of patients under ARV treatment: evolution made between the WHO clinical stage and the rate of CD4 cells in the beginning of the treatment and, distribution of CD4 cell  during last visits, etc.
  • describe the follow-up frequency rate : the rate  of “lost to follow-up” patients ,  Care retention rate at 12 and 24 months; delays and anticipation of  consultation appointment, rate of transferred patients and patients receiving HIV care;  number of transferred  and dead patients
  • assess the  national HIV  data management system performance  and make recommendations for its enhancment. An implementation plan has been fixed to strengthen the system  according to the study results and recommendations by  the steering committee


2017 Solthis intervention in Chad

Solthis, in collaboration with the consulting group TeAM and the Ministry of Public Health, supports  implementation of the National Health information system' data quality review . The implementation  is funded by the Global Fund.


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