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Technical assistance supporting updates to the active register of patients receiving ARV treatment in Chad



The quality of reported data from the active patient register is insufficient in Chad.  It does not provide information about the total number of people receiving ARV treatment, and offers no detailed information on the active patient register.  As a consequence, it is not known whether certain areas are correctly estimating, underestimating, or overestimating numbers of active patients.  Multiple factors contribute to this situation, including the non or partial population of active patient register data management systems, input management, difficulties in calculating the active patient register, not separating data, and the quality and reporting of data.

This technical assistance is implemented by project leader Solthis, in partnership with the TEAM consultancy firm.

Project Start: December 2015

Project Area: Chad

Budget: €59,000

Financial Source: 5% Initiative – Channel 1

Beneficiary: FOSAP


The general aim is to support the process of updating the active patient register of people living with HIV (PLHIV) (children and adults) and receiving ARV treatment in Chad.

The project will also focus onthese specific objectives:

  • Supporting the development of research protocols and methodologies.
  • Count the PLHIV receiving ARV treatment and evaluate the difference between the number of patients in treatment and monthly consumption of ARV medication.
  • Give specific recommendations on the use of data collection tools and the quality of reporting on active patient register details.


Phase 1: Preparation of the research protocol and methodology

  • Support the creation of the evaluation protocol for the active register of patients receiving ARV treatment.
  • Define the format and themes for training that aimto strengthen the competencies of staff. Draw up and develop the tools that will be necessary for the study: data collection tools, supervision tools, quality control tools for collected and uploaded details, training tools.
  • Facilitate a national consensus-building workshop to allow for validation of the protocol by everyone involved.
  • Guarantee training in the defined methodology for 23 supervisors and 112 officials responsible for data collection and the updating of documents and patient records at each site, as well as 30 contractors.

Phase 2:  Supervision and the collection and compilation of data

  • Supervise the complete research process.
  • Support national consultants in quality control and data analysis.
  • Directly supervise the implementation of the data collection process at pre-defined sites.
  • Ensure the quality and clarity of data collected by the officials.
  • Audit the whole database so it can be made available to national programmes and regional and district health offices.
  • Extract data for analysis.

Phase 3: Data analysis and recommendations

  • Development of an evaluation report in collaboration with the identified national consultants, which will include a summary of results, analysis and recommendations to improve patient follow-up and evaluation processes and an action plan in line with the identified recommendations.
  • Participation in the final restitution workshop in order to present the summary of results, analysis, recommendations and action plan.


Expected Results

The total number of PLHIV receiving ARV treatment (for the defined period of time) is known at a national and site level (the active patient register is reconstructed and the difference between given and official details from treatment and dispensing sites is analysed)

  • A description of minimum indirect evidence of service quality is known and calculated.
  • The collection and reporting of data is analysed,and the recommendations and action plan to improve it are approved by the pilot committee.




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