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Support for the updating of regulatory and statutory frameworks, the evaluation of CSOs, the management-finance function and the organizational strengthening of PANEPAT


Context :

PANEPAT is a grouping of civil society organizations (CSOs)/associations whose goal is to promote access to health care for the population while respecting a global vision of health in Chad. PANEPAT’s mandate concerns the fight against pandemics such as HIV-AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria and COVID19 as well as the promotion of the right to health, human rights and gender equality including the fight against gender-based violence (GBV). PANEPAT is developing a local response approach to community interventions by strengthening and supporting local actors (CSOs/CBOs/CSAs) in order to promote community ownership of health programs and projects. Thus, its local response approach is based on a logic of networks of community actors and institutional entities (public health system) on health problems at the local level (provinces, departments, communes, villages, etc.). In 2022, the Initiative has already selected Solthis for a TA mission to strengthen PANEPAT by working on their procedures manual and for the development of their strategic plan. This second Solthis TA mission is intended to be a continuation of the previous one, in order to strengthen PANEPAT’s organization in order to meet the platform’s strategic ambitions.

General objective :

Support the review of the organization’s statutory and regulatory texts and frameworks, provide technical assistance for the evaluation of members and the mapping of organizations in order to establish eligibility criteria for the Platform, provide technical support for the Management-Finance function (including the mastery of donor management tools, mainly the Global Fund) and the diagnosis of the organization in order to propose recommendations for its strengthening.

Specific objective:

  • Review of PANEPAT’s regulatory framework and texts
  • Organizational diagnosis, evaluation and mapping of member organizations in order to highlight the needs and criteria for collaboration as well as the possible needs for support in terms of capacity building
  • Technical support to the Management-Finance function in the appropriation of management and reporting methods
  • Support to the global diagnosis of PANEPAT in order to propose recommendations for its capacity building


  • The platform has regulatory texts, statutes and internal regulations that meet its expectations and ambitions
  • An organizational assessment/diagnosis and mapping of member organizations to highlight their strengths and weaknesses, needs and possible solutions in order to harmonize the field ofcollaboration is provided
  • The Platform’s Management-Finance function masters management and reporting methods A workshop with the member organizations to strengthen the understanding and appropriation by the actors of the latest international recommendations on the involvement of CSOs in health is organized
  • The organizational methods and the roles and responsibilities of each member of the platform are clearly defined and recommendations are issued in line with its development strategy
Dates (start/end) June – July 2023
Source of funding L'Initiative (Expertise France)
Recipient Name PANEPAT (Plateforme des Acteurs Non Etatiques pour la Lutte contre les Pandémies au Tchad)
Budget 93 000 EUR
Country Tchad

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