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National supply chain assessment (NSCA) and development of the revised national supply chain strategy for health commodities in Togo

Context :

It is important to note that the drug supply chain is a critical component of any health system and must be managed effectively to ensure access to essential medicines for the population. The Central Medical Store (CAMEG) Togo stores and distributes health commodities -Global Fund and donor funded as well as other essential medicines- to all regions on a monthly basis. Antiretrovirals are directly distributed to health facilities, while malaria and tuberculosis products are distributed to the regional warehouses/Pharmacies Régionales d'Approvisionnement (PRA).There are no formal storage points at the districts. Health facilities collect their quantities at the districts (Malaria and Tuberculosis) as soon as the districts are supplied by the PRA. At the lower level, some health facilities manage their health commodities logistic data through the Electronic Dispensing Tool, however challenges related to parallel distribution channels create challenges in data accuracy. The national health product supply chain strategy was developed and validated in 2019 following the previous NSCA. It includes the summary of the situation analysis, the vision and strategic orientations, the cost and level of financing required, the implementation and monitoring-evaluation framework and an implementation work plan. To assess the implementation level of this strategy, Solthis has been selected to conduct this new NSCA and lead, at the end of the evaluation, the planning and validation of a new strategic plan covering the period 2023-2025. Strategies to improve the supply of health products might include strengthening supply chain infrastructure, improving regulatory frameworks, training personnel, increasing funding, and developing more effective distribution networks.

General objective :

Conduct a NSCA through a situational analysis of the national supply chain system for health commodities, including the evaluation of the implementation level of the existingsupply chain strategy and, based on the results of the two previous activities, develop in support to the Ministry of Health and in consultation with all supply chain stakeholders, a new national supply chain strategy (2023-2025) for health commodities in Togo. To reach this goal and to increase the performance in a sustainable way, this involves a strong participatory & co-designed approach at all steps: assessment and diagnosis, interventions design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

Specific objective:

  • Conduct a national supply chain assessment (NSCA) for health commodities: conduct the necessary consultations, plan and conduct KIIs, desk review, and facility visits
  • Evaluate the implementation level of existing national supply chain strategy and evaluate its impact on the maturity level of the national supply chain : this activity includes gathering information on the level of implementation and contribution of any other existing supply chain strategy (including implementing partners' supply chain strategies)
  • Plan and conduct stakeholders' validation and consultation workshops as needed to gather inputs and reach consensus and secure national level adoption
  • Develop a new national supply chain strategy for health commodities cased on the results of the NSCA and others activities performed
  • Support approval process of the newly developed supply chain strategy


  • Project launch report that includes a validated workplan
  • NSCA report
  • Consultation and validation workshops report for the NSCA
  • New supply chain strategy
  • Consultation and validation workshop report for the new supply chain strategy
Dates (start/end) June –November 2023
Source of funding The Global Fund
Recipient Name Ministry of Health
Country Togo

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