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Support to the preparation of the application for the Niger TB grant for the implementation period 2022-2024

NIGERHEALTH FINANCINGFighting tuberculosis


Despite some progress towards achieving the objectives of the National Strategic Plan TB 2019-2021, tuberculosis remains a public health problem in Niger. In 2019, the mortality rate is still 16 per 100,000 inhabitants, with a case-fatality rate of 6% for new TB cases and relapses, and 16% for PLWHA. The treatment coverage rate was 59% in 2019. The treatment success rate was 83% among the cohort of new TB cases and relapses registered and treated in 2019, but the rates of loss of sight and death (for HIV/TB co-infected people, and multidrug resistant TB patients) are still high. Finally, 2.6% of new tuberculosis cases are multi-resistant and 14% for those already treated. In view of the progress to be made in the diagnosis and management of tuberculosis in Niger, and in accordance with the procedures of the Global Fund, the country will draw up a request for funding for the TB component in the new funding cycle. This process necessarily involves conducting a country-level dialogue between all stakeholders in the field and selecting a PR to implement the grant.


Start : January 2021

Duration : 11 months

Area of intervention : Niger

Budget : 32 000 euros

Source of funding : Global Fund

Béneficiary : CCM Niger (National Multisectoral Council for the Fight against AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria)


Overall objective: To support the Global Fund TB application writing group and the TB grant preparation team on M&E aspects related to programmatic, pharmaceutical and financial aspects and the completion of the tables and modules designed for this purpose, as well as the verification of data consistency and strategic directions in order to have a quality application for funding and grant agreement.


Specific objectives:

  • Support the implementation of an inclusive and participatory country dialogue that allows the views of all stakeholders to be taken into account, including Nigerien civil society.
  • Support the CCM, through the Writing Group, in the different stages of the TB component application process, including responding to any questions and/or comments from the TRP following the submission of documents.
  •  Promote respect for human rights and gender mainstreaming at each stage of the process (country dialogue, application and grant preparation).


Expected results :

  • The inclusive and participatory country dialogue allowed the needs of the different stakeholders to be taken into account and ultimately to identify priorities for the new grant FM 2022-2024.
  • The TB funding request should be finalised in line with the Global Fund Guidelines. This process is guided by a roadmap prepared by the CCM and will detail the different steps in the process, the timeline and the description of the overall methodology.
  • Nigerien participants in the country dialogue, the writing group and the grant preparation committee have been sensitised to respect for human rights and gender mainstreaming allowing the inclusion of concrete interventions for the implementation of this mission and in the content of the deliverables produced.

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