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TPE ADVIH : HIV self-testing in Côte d’Ivoire: nationwide roll-out of an innovative tool to improve access to testing for most-at-risk populations

STRENGTHENING SYSTEMS AND HEALTH SERVICESFighting HIV / AIDSInfectious and emerging diseases

Context :

After decades of screening limited to offers within health structures, community screening strategies have more recently enabled demedicalization, but still do not reach the hardest-to-reach populations. HIVST contributes to this dynamic by making it possible to go further in terms of access to testing, while empowering the user.

  • In Côte d’Ivoire, the HIV epidemic has a prevalence of 1.82% in the general population (240,000 adult women vs. 120,000 adult men).
  • Key populations: Sex workers (SW) (4.8%), men who have sex with men (MSM) (7.7%) and drug users (DU) (3.4%), who account for the majority of new infections.
  • 96% of people living with HIV (PLwHIV) diagnosed have access to treatment BUT those most at risk of HIV infection remain beyond the reach of testing services.

Key information:

Project Duration 24 months (November 2023 – September 2025)
Partners Programme National de Lutte contre le SIDA
Beneficiaries High HIV prevalence and/or hard-to-reach populations
Source of funding  FID
Country of intervention Côte d'Ivoire


General objectives :

To support the implementation of the National HIV Strategic Plan 2021-2025 through ongoing technical assistance (TA) to the National AIDS Control

Specific objectives :

  • SO1: Support progressive national scaling-up in relevant health services and at community level for priority populations.
  • S02: Support the development, regulation, accessibility and quality of self-testing in the private sector.

Expected results :

  • Differentiated testing services are improved with HIV self-testing and contribute positively to national anti-HIV objectives.
  • Access to free HIV self-testing for priority populations is extended nationwide, while ensuring a system that supports the link to confirmation and access to care.
  • HIV self-testing is available to the general population at an affordable price in private pharmacies, with quality guarantees and communication on treatment linking devices.

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